Month: June 2019

50 African-Americans meet Oba of Benin during journey of rediscovery to Africa

50 Americans who traced their origin to Benin Kingdom have visited have visited the Palace of the Omo N’Oba N’Edo Uku Akpolokpolo, the Oba of Benin, Oba Ewuare II.

While welcoming the Americans, Oba Ewuare II commended them for making effort to trace their roots back home and thanked the ancestors for protecting them in their sojourn.

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Airbase 201: America completes drone base in Niger Republic

By StrategyPage

After five years of negotiations, followed by years of construction delays, the new American airbase in Niger has been completed. Called Airbase 201, it cost $110 million and is one of the most expensive U.S. Air Force foreign airbase construction projects even undertaken. The main purpose of the base is to improve surveillance and intel collection about Islamic terrorists in the region. That will be accomplished by basing UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) there along with some manned aircraft.

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Can Trump’s Prosper Africa make America greater than China and other partners in Africa?

By Landry Signé and Eric Olander

The official launch of the Trump Administration’s Prosper Africa program at the Corporate Council on Africa’s U.S.-Africa Business Summit in Mozambique on June 19 comes after months of policy talk about ramping up trade and investment between the United States and African countries. Prosper Africa aligns with the Trump administration’s Africa strategy, introduced by National Security Adviser John Bolton last December, which aims to promote prosperity, security, and stability in U.S.-Africa relations, and confirms the administration’s prioritization of trade and investment to reach those three objectives.

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Trump wants Africa to Choose US over China and Russia

By Chris Harmse

US deputy Secretary of Commerce Karen on Wednesday announced at the opening ceremony of the U.S.-Africa Business Summit on Wednesday in Maputo, that the Trump administration message to Africa is simple and blunt:”

Choose the United States over China and Russia.”

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Whistler seeing influx of Moroccan immigrants

Close to 50 Moroccan chefs have landed in the resort since Sept. 2018

By Brandon Barrett

WHISTLER HAS ALWAYS been home to immigrants from around the world, but thanks to a federal program aimed at Francophones, combined with the recruitment efforts of a former Whistler Blackcomb (WB) vice president, the resort has recently seen an influx of immigrants from an unlikely destination: Morocco.

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Year of Return: Ghana slashes visa fee from $150 to $75 to attract more African-Americans

As part of the year-long ‘Year of Return’ programme which aims to attract diasporan Ghanaians and Africans as well as people of African descent in the diaspora back home to Ghana, the government of Ghana has slashed the cost of visa acquisition on arrival in Ghana from $150 to $75 dollars.

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How Yacine Diop’s long journey to play for Louisville basketball began in Senegal

By Danielle Lerner

She hadn’t thought America would be so lonely.  At 16 and with dreams of playing basketball and furthering her education, Yacine Diop said goodbye to her family and left Senegal for the first time. She arrived in the U.S. not speaking English, unable to communicate with her peers and cut off from the life she had always known. 

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Inside the Embassy of Ghana with FOX 5

By staff

The Embassy of the Republic of Ghana is located in the Cleveland Park area of Northwest D.C. After one step into the courtyard visitors are greeted with the country’s coat of arms which bears the national motto: “Freedom and Justice.”

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When 100 Congolese Asylum Seekers Showed Up, This Shelter Made Room

A shelter in Buffalo, New York, operated by health center, Jericho Road, has been providing recent arrivals from the Democratic Republic of the Congo medical aid, legal services, and educational opportunities.

By Talya Meyers

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From Nigeria To Springfield, Missouri: Tayo Bakare Blooms Where Planted

By Michele Skalicky

Temitayo “Tayo” Bakare is 35-years-old with a family and a job as clinical director of pharmacy at CoxHealth in Springfield.  But her life began thousands of miles away in Africa.  She learned to be on her own at a time when many children in the United States are just beginning to test the waters of independence with their parents close by. She grew up in Nigeria and remembers a fun childhood there.

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