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We seek volunteers to join our team.

Our media platform is a non-profit mainly engaged in showcasing the activities the African diaspora in the America’s. Our reporting is aimed at fostering social well-being, as we spotlight the positive contributions of the African diaspora to the development of the countries of the America’s.

We are inviting people who share our vision to join our team.

We seek volunteers interested in being;

  1. STAFF WRITERS: Who will write or direct us to stories about the activities of their country folks in the America’s. We seek writers to represent all of Africa’s 54 countries in our team.
  2. EDITORS: who will edit stories about the activities of their country folks in the America’s
  3. CONTRIBUTORS: who will contribute or send us links to stories on sports, entertainment, fashion and opinion articles concerning the African Diaspora in the Americas.

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We wait to welcome you to our team. Send us an email Fill the contact form and let us know your interest. Fill out the contact form and list the following.
  • Country of origin
  • Your Interests
  • The role you seek
  • Your bio or resume
  • Your location
  • Other contributions you can make.

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