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Trump Welcomes President of Kenya to White House

President Donald Trump on Monday welcomed the president of Kenya to the White House, where the two leaders talked trade, security — and Trump’s accomplishments.

Trump hosted President Uhuru Kenyatta as Kenya is emerging from a period of election turmoil. He’s the second African leader to meet with Trump at the White House, following a visit by Nigeria’s president earlier this year. Continue reading “Trump Welcomes President of Kenya to White House”


South African couple help American farmers find seasonal workers

South African couple, Manuel and Kathy Fick, are helping connect seasonal farmers from more than 80 foreign countries to large American farms in places like the Dakotas, Missouri, Texas, Nebraska, North Carolina and Kentucky, to fill jobs that are mostly spurned by American citizens. This report by Savannah Koval of The Mountaineer gives more details Continue reading “South African couple help American farmers find seasonal workers”

Nigerian Vice President meets Kinsmen in Minneapolis

Nigeria’s Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo on Monday held town hall meeting with US based Nigerians in Minnesota, Minneapolis. Osinbajo interacted with the people on various subjects of interests and concerns about Nigeria’s economy and progress made by Buhari led administration. Continue reading “Nigerian Vice President meets Kinsmen in Minneapolis”

Liya Kebede: The Super Model from Ethiopia

The daily people series continues with Ethiopian Super Model Liya Kebede

Liya Kebede (b. January 3,1978), is an Ethiopian Super Model.In 2003 Liya became the first woman of color to represent the Estée Lauder brand. Off screen, Kebede is a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador with the World Health Organization, working to raise awareness of the difficulties women and children face in the developing world. In her efforts to make a difference, she founded The Liya Kebede Foundation which aims to improve the health and well-being of mothers and children around the world. Continue reading “Liya Kebede: The Super Model from Ethiopia”

The Unknown Congolese Heroes – Book Review: ‘Spies in the Congo: America’s Atomic Mission in World War II’

Little is known of Africa’s role in the Manhattan project, the secretive operations that led to the development of the Atomic Bomb. A new book Spies in the Congo by Dr. Susan Williams discusses U.S. intelligence operations in the Belgian Congo (now the Democratic Republic of Congo: DRC), to secure uranium during World War II while also preventing Nazi Germany from obtaining said mineral for its own nuclear weapons program. This is a very well-written book that effectively narrates the activities that members of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS, the predecessor of the Central Intelligence Agency) carried out in the Belgian Congo.  and  review the book in The International Policy Digest Continue reading “The Unknown Congolese Heroes – Book Review: ‘Spies in the Congo: America’s Atomic Mission in World War II’”

Ghanaian John Q hosts Kumi Guitar, Bull Dog and More in New Recording Studio in Bronx, NY

Realizing there is no Ghanaian professional recording studio in Bronx (New York, USA), US based Ghanaian reggae artist John Quansah popularly known as John Q has just finished building a state of the art studio in a commercial area in Bronx New York City. This report gives more details. Continue reading “Ghanaian John Q hosts Kumi Guitar, Bull Dog and More in New Recording Studio in Bronx, NY”

Ghanaian-Born John Akomfrah Deftly Weaves Tales of the African Diaspora in New York

Ghanaian-born   British artist, writer, film directorscreenwriter, theorist and curator holds a video installation in New York’s New Museum. The videos explore postcolonial history, nature and migration and takes up the entire second floor of the museum in Manhattan. This report by Martha Schwendener in New York times gives more perspective on the installation.

Continue reading “Ghanaian-Born John Akomfrah Deftly Weaves Tales of the African Diaspora in New York”

I got my first movie role in America

Olumide Ebimo Amungo

I stumbled onto an active movie shoot in Central Park and got a front row view of the  huge film and television industry in America.

I went to Central Park the other day and was about entering that wooded haven when I ran into an active movie set. I saw police cars, a taxi rigged up with cameras, film crew setting up and running around to get things in order. So, I hung around wondering what would happen soon.

I was expecting to see Will Smith dressed as detective chasing Jamie Foxx dressed as a crazy psychotic alien serial killer and Angelina Jolie jumping out of a tree and blasting Jamie Foxx with a laser gun. After a while nothing happened so I approached a crew member and asked him what was going on and why wasn’t there any action. He laughed and told me they were waiting to film some National Football League stars. They were there to make a promotional movie for the start of the NFL season. Continue reading “I got my first movie role in America”

Hakeem Olajuwon: the soccer player who found basketball fame in America start to prominent native-born Africans who have attained fame and made great contributions to America. The series will include professionals, academics, activist, politicians, and many more. We start our series with a Hakeem Olajuwon, considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

Continue reading “Hakeem Olajuwon: the soccer player who found basketball fame in America”

Melania Trump is going to Africa in the fall; President Trump isn’t

Trump’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, gave a statement to The Associated Press Monday confirming that the first lady is looking forward to meeting African children and exploring Africa’s history and culture.

“This will be my first time traveling to Africa and I am excited to educate myself on the issues facing children throughout the continent, while also learning about its rich culture and history,” the first lady said in the statement. “We are a global society and I believe it is through open dialogue and the exchanging of ideas that we have a real opportunity to learn from one another.”

The planned trip is significant because it’s Trump’s first solo international trip as first lady, but also because of the destination: The president was sharply criticized around the world in January after his private comment about “s—hole countries” in Africa was leaked to journalists.

Some on Twitter could not resist joking. “Melania Trump just announced that she is going to Africa on her first solo trip. I think she picked Africa because she knows it’s a place Trump will never follow her to,” snarked radio host/columnist Dean Obeidallah.

Specifics about the dates for the first lady’s trip and which countries she will visit have not yet been announced.

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The Death of the Gentle Peacemaker

Kofi Annan was the epitome of international diplomacy—which is why he was both an inspiration and a disappointment. In this piece published in Foreign Policy, James Truab, who authored a book chronicling Annan’s tenure in the UN, gives a unique insight into one of Africa’s greatest statesmen.

Continue reading “The Death of the Gentle Peacemaker”

Nigerian community in US to float community bank

The Nigerian community in the United States of America is mulling setting up a community banks in Washington to serve their needs.  Talks have reached an advanced stage to set up Nigeria Federal Credit Union.

Continue reading “Nigerian community in US to float community bank”

Somali Refugee Wins Primary Election for US Congress

Rising political star, Ilhan Omar has become the first Somali to win a primary election victory to represent Minnesota’s 5th District in the U.S. Congress in Minneapolis. This report by  K. Farabaugh  of Voice of America gives more details. Continue reading “Somali Refugee Wins Primary Election for US Congress”

The Bent Pillar at Cypress Hill Cemetery

By Olumide Ebimo Amungo

A walk around Jamaica Avenue introduced me to New York’s vast Cemetery Belt and the ghosts that may lie within.

The French call it promenade, I call it good old strolling. I love to take a walk and since arriving New York it has been my favorite pastime. While in East New York I decided to explore the area towards Queens. Usually I take one of New York’s many straight and long roads and walk all the way to the end. One day, I decided to go up Bradford Street and head towards Jamaica Avenue. The blocks kept falling away as I crossed Sutter, Pitkin, Liberty, and Atlantic avenues until I got to Jamaica Avenue. Continue reading “The Bent Pillar at Cypress Hill Cemetery”

Students launch online shop for rare African ingredients in Canada

Two Nigerian students team up to serve the African community in the Americas with ingredients they are used to.  They created an online shop,Afrocart , which features around 200 products including rare spices, snacks and soups. This report by Nick Boisvert  of  CBC News gives all the details

Continue reading “Students launch online shop for rare African ingredients in Canada”

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