5 Facts About Bone Breakers: The African Quartet Taking ‘America’s Got Talent’ By Storm

By SAMANTHA AGATE | Talent Recap

America’s Got Talent has always had impressive contortion acts but the Bonebreakers are truly unlike any other. The group consists of four men from Conakry, Guinea in West Africa and they came all the way to ‘AGT’ to show off their tremendous talents whether it’s bending, twisting and having your stomach churning with the amazing things their bodies can do.

The Bonebreakers posted that they are super excited to be on America’s Got Talent and cannot wait to tear up the stage. Let’s learn five facts about them.

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1. The Bone Breakers Have Been Contortionists From A Young Age

The Bonebreakers consists of Mohamed, Souhmah, Norbert, and Ellison. From the age of seven years old, the guys realized that they could manipulate their bodies and bend in certain ways that literally make their bones look like they are breaking. This inspired them to pursue contortion as a full-time career. They have spent the majority of their lives travelling around the world to perform with several different companies on huge stages.


2. They Perform For Universal Circus

The Bone Breakers are performers for Universal Circus which originated from Atlanta, Georgia. This circus showcases talents from acts from all over the world including China, Trinidad and Africa. They describe it as the most interactive circus in the world because they really get fans to be a part of the show.

Universal Circus has been keeping the circus industry alive for 27 years. Norbert, the oldest of the group said “Coming out and hearing all these people screaming for you is mind-blowing.” You can actually head over to the universal Circus TikTok to get a taste of what the guys bring to the table.


3. The Bonebreakers Met At Circus School

There is definitely something in the water in Guinea because these four guys met at circus school. It was their immediate chemistry and bond that led them to create the Bonebreakers act.

This act takes a lot of trust and patience since they are literally counting on one another to make it look like they are breaking bones.

4. They Love To Do Yoga

One thing that helps the Bonebreakers prepare for each of their performances is yoga. Yoga helps them maintain their flexibility whether it’s doing a downward dog or a simple handstand. Naturally, with bodies that move like that, they definitely need to do all they can to prepare for a big performance like the one they will have on America’s Got Talent. 


Not only that, but they have intense workouts and home practice sessions, especially while coronavirus is keeping them from performing on the stage currently.


5. The BoneBreakers Are Huge Fans Of Boxer Danny Swift Garcia

Danny Smith Garcia is a three-time world boxing champion and a two-time division champion. He has avidly voiced his support for the Bonebreakers and cannot wait for their performance on America’s Got Talent. The support is mutual, so much so that the Bonebreakers refer to themselves as Garcias little brothers. Maybe they can teach him of few of their tricks.


The Bonebreakers performance on America’s Got Talent is one you truly will not want to miss. And while it might have the judges shocked and in disbelief because the sight of broken bones maybe a little scary, they definitely have the thrill factor needed to go far in the competition.

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