Barak Jacuzzi: 5 quick facts to know about the Kenyan-American rapper

by  Florence Wanjiru |

If you are a fan of Kenyan rap music, then you must have listened to the hit rap songs released by Barak Jacuzzi, in collaboration with Octopizzo. Barak’s real name is Baraka Njoroge. The super talented artist wears many hats. Besides being a Kenyan American rapper, he is an emcee, entertainer, pianist, and radio presenter at NRG radio.

Barak is a self-proclaimed lifestyle connoisseur who grew up in South Carolina but was alternating between Kenya and the United States. He started rapping at the tender age of 11 years, and he has continued rapping ever since. Right now, he is now a well-established rapper known for producing great tracks together with Octopizzo and other artistes.

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5 quick facts to know about Barak Jacuzzi Barak is a household name in the Kenyan rap music industry. Most of his fans are interested in knowing top facts about his life and career. If you are a top fan of Barak, here are 5 quick facts to know about the Kenyan rapper

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1. He was raised in Kenya and the United States Barak Jacuzzi’s parents were born and raised in Kenya before moving to the United States. He spent most of his life shifting between Kenya and the United States. Barak completed his primary school education in Kenya before shifting to the United States.

Photo: Kenyan-American rapper Barak Jacuzzi Image:, @barakjacuzzi Source: UGC

Later on, he came back to join the United States International University (USIU) for his higher education. While at the USIU, he did a course in Broadcast Journalism. Barak is so enthusiastic about Kenya. Asked why he decided to come back to Kenya when he had the opportunity to break big in America, Barak replied that Kenya is his homeland.


2. He was the first artist to be signed by rapper Octopizzo Octopizzo is a well-established rapper in the Kenyan music industry. He signed Barak Jacuzzi, and the two have worked together on a number of songs including Che Che, Tergat Gang, Gas and Bank. The experience of being Octopizzo’s hype man is what set him up for the rest of his career. George Kagwe a.k.a M-Pesa lady family, facts and life story It was through this collaboration that he has learned a lot of things about the industry, such as organizing a setlist, performing without playback, musical consistency, and so much more. This collaboration marked the biggest break in his career as he has grown to be one of the most renowned rap musicians in the country.

3. He is multitalented Barak’s real name is Baraka which simply translates to blessing. He is one individual who is multitalented. Besides being a musician, he is a comedian, an event host, a radio host, and a videographer. He can also play the piano perfectly as he hails from a family with musical roots. His mother plays the guitar and the keyboard.

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His music is of a new age funk hip-hop afro-juice combination. Barak has lived in two continents with two different cultures. He was in the United States, but he always looked for music with a Kenyan Flavor, which helped him create a unique genre of music. Otile Brown biography and other facts about the extraordinary talented musician

4. Barak Jacuzzi and Kairetu’s relationship has been a trending topic BarakJacuzzi became the talk of the town after news broke out that he had impregnated Kairetu and was snubbing her. This was after a video surfaced online showing Barak Jacuzzi involved in a messy fight with his girlfriend Lishan, commonly known as Kairetu on her social media accounts. Kairetu claims that she and the rapper have been dating for two years, but things haven’t been so easy for them. She said that he had impregnated her three times, but he still pretended that he did not know her. Barak tried to argue with Karietu and then kept quiet with his face down as his crew tried to protect him from the onslaught unleashed by his lover. The two allegedly separated after the confrontation, and they have since moved on.

5. Barak Jacuzzi has released several hit songs Barak was only eleven years old when he began his career in the rapping industry. He began by participating in rap competitions which he would win on several occasions. The wins inspired him to continue with his rap music career. Photo: Kenyan-American rapper Barak Jacuzzi

Barak has released several tracks, most of which have been received well by the public. The NRG radio presenter has been a fast-rising name in the entertainment industry as his hip hop sensation has managed to capture several hearts. He has produced hit songs like Radio, Cheki, Stay in Your Lane, Lowkey and Less Stress. He has also collaborated with other artistes including Tanasha Donna and Octopizzo. In the latest collabo, Barak Jacuzzi ft Octopizzo released the song titled Che Che in April this year. The success of these hit songs means that Barak Jacuzzis net worth will continue to soar in future.

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Barak faced significant challenges when starting his music career in Kenya. He has slowly risen through the ranks of his career to become one of the most renowned rappers in Kenya, with a huge following. His story is a source of inspiration to upcoming rap artists. They only need to be persistent and work hard to find their place in the Kenyan rap music industry.

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