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Four Reasons Why Nigerian Americans Must Get Involved In The 2020 US Presidential Elections

By Dr Malcolm Fabiyi |

The Nigerian presence in America goes back to the earliest periods in American history. Recent genetic studies have confirmed that Nigerian heritage is extensive in the gene pool of African Americans whose ancestors were brought during the Transatlantic slave trade in the 1700s and 1800s.

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When are we going to have an honest conversation on African migration?

In this article, International journalist, migrant activist and TED Fellow Yasin Kakande, author of a new book on the historical and contemporary reasons for African immigration, ‘Why We Are Coming’, traces the intersection between Black Lives Matter and African Migrations in the Covid-19 Pandemic.

by Keith Asante | The London Economic

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Africans Knock on America’s Door

By Dave Seminara | WSJ

The left keeps saying America is systemically racist and President Trump is a white supremacist. So why do so many black Africans want to immigrate?

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Africa needs market-creating innovation

By Carl Manlan and Efosa Ojomo | The Korea Times

Eradicating poverty and boosting prosperity in Africa starts in the boardroom. And it requires African business leaders to use their positions to foster more inclusive economic growth that benefits all stakeholders ― customers, employees, suppliers, and communities ― rather than focusing on short-term profits that fail to lift up vulnerable communities.

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Immigrants Don’t Just Change Voting Patterns

By Peter Beinart | The Atlantic

Of the many questions at stake in this fall’s election, one of the less obvious is this: Will the United States remain a country where someone like Barack Obama or Kamala Harris—a person of color with immigrant parents—is likely to be born? The answer depends, in part, on whether America’s universities retain their global appeal. If Donald Trump wins reelection, they may not.

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My Family Escaped From Togo To America As Refugees, Now Trump Is Trying To Kill The Program That Saved My Life

By Marius Kothor | The New Times

The sea-washed, sunset gates of the United States are being closed to the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. President Trump and his administration have slashed the Refugee Resettlement Program, which allows people fleeing war, persecution and famine to legally move to the United States.

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Trump hates black people. Period !

By Stephen Ndegwa | CGTN

That U.S. President Donald Trump does not have an iota of respect for black people is not debatable. Trump has not even shied away from going on record about it, unofficially of course, openly expressing his utter disgust for Africans, both in Africa and the diaspora. 

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VALLEY PULPIT: Thank God for immigrants

John Vaudry | Gananoque Reporter

When the topic of immigration comes up, we are usually reminded that we are all immigrants, and this is true. The founders of Pembroke, were born in Scotland and Ireland; others came here later from Germany and other parts of Europe. Even the Aboriginal people are descended from migrants, if you go back far enough.

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After November: Can US-Africa Ties Be Rebuilt?

By Jesse Samasuwo | Atlantic Sentinel

Donald Trump has never been to Africa. At least not as president. Not for six decades, since John F. Kennedy, has an American president even met with fewer African leaders than Trump. During JFK’s time, of course, most African states were still colonial territories. His attitude toward the continent appears to be mired in either indifference or outright hostility, as his “shithole countries” comment and repeated (but unsuccessful) efforts to cut foreign aid demonstrate.

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Trump Versus Biden | Who would Favor Africa?

By Emmanuel Onwubiko | The Nigerian Voice

Before the end of the year, it will become clearer who between the Republican Party and Democratic Party of the United States of America will occupy the White House for another four years. For a fact whoever occupies the White House becomes the leader of the free world and indeed the policies espoused by such a person significantly affects the human populace globally with Nigeria and Africa not being an exception.

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