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Africa and Its Diasporas|From Pan-Africanism to Developmentalism to Transnationalism

By Paul Tiyambe Zeleza | The Elephant

Studies of Africa and its diasporas have largely been framed through the paradigms of Pan-Africanism and developmentalism. The persistent and pressing demands of Pan-African unity and African development have increasingly privileged the engagements of the new extra-continental diasporas that have grown rapidly and eclipsed previous preoccupations with the historic diasporas that remain globally dominant.

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Movemeback | Want to come home? This startup is helping diasporans return to the African continent

By Kay Ugwuede | TechCabal

Two years ago, according to a Pew Research Center study, about 45% of Nigerians had plans to leave the country within the next five years, more people than in all other surveyed countries. Many cited the grim economic and political future of the country. Some cited security concerns. If this survey were to be conducted at this time, with the events of October in sharp focus, perhaps this number will double. 

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Senegal’s President Macky Sall wins second term

Senegalese President Macky Sall easily won a second term without the need for a runoff, election officials announced Thursday in the West African country.

The four opposition candidates said they would not pursue a legal challenge, ending days of uncertainty in this democracy long known for its peaceful transfers of power. Earlier in the week the opposition had denied unofficial reports that Sall won an outright majority, and they told their supporters to prepare for a second round.

The joint statement released Thursday afternoon by the opposition said that while they firmly rejected the outcome, “we will not be taking any recourse at the constitutional council.”

The incumbent leader received 58.3 percent of the vote, according to Judge Demba Kandji, president of the commission tasked with releasing the election results. Provisional results show that top opposition candidate Idrissa Seck took 20.5 percent of the vote while Ousmane Sonko had 15.7 percent.

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Ghanaian-American CJ Sapong joins MLS club Chicago Fire

The Chicago based club have announced the signing of the deadly goal poacher ahead of the new Major League Soccer season.

American-born of Ghanaian descent Charles ‘CJ’ Nana Kwabena Sapong has completed his move to MLS side Chicago Fire in the ongoing transfer window.

The 30-year-old has joined the Fire club for the 2019 season around a transfer fee of $200,000 with an option of renewal.He featured for Philadelphia Union last season where he netted four goals with three assists in 33 appearances.

“We also believe that he will increase our scoring capabilities. We’re looking forward to working with him this season.”

He was born to Ghanaian parents in USA.


Diaspora remittances breath air into African finances

Migrant remittances help the financial state of countries across Africa, especially ones in North Africa. While waiting for the International Monetary Fund (IMF), report on remittances,the finances of individual countries give a sense of the current situation.

Egyptians living abroad transferred over 25 billion dollars to their home country last year, a 3.1% rise on the previous year’s total of almost 24.7 billion.

Nigerians abroad sent 22.4 billion dollars to their home countries last year, compared with 22 the previous year, and Morocco some 6.78 billion compared with 7.5 in 2017.

In most countries with a high rate of migration, remittances surpass state development aid by far. This is the case in Senegal, for example, with 2.3 billion in remittances in 2018, as well as Ghana with 2.4 billion. Remittances in both of these countries is one of the major national economic resources.

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‘The place is safe’: Edmonton’s African shisha lounge wins fight to stay open

After years locked in a battle with a policing hospitality unit, the owner of an Edmonton shisha bar has won his fight to stay open.

On Tuesday, an appeal committee overturned a decision by the city’s licensing department to shut down Nyala Lounge, located northeast of downtown.

“I think the city went one step forward, we appreciate that, as the African-Canadian community, we thank the city councillors,” said owner Mulugeta Tesfay.

“The people spoke, the community spoke, the place is safe.”

The committee — made up of councillors Moe Banga, Jon Dziadyk and Tony Caterina — upheld additional conditions imposed on Nyala last summer and said a written decision would follow.

Members decided the bar’s inability to operate over the past week-and-a-half, during a postponement of the hearing, would serve as sufficient penalty for breaching conditions.

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The Ethiopian Pharmacists Association in Diaspora inaugurated in Washington DC.

The Ethiopian Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical scientists Association in the Diaspora (EPPAD) was formally inaugurated at a symposium held on 16 February 2019 at Ethiopian Embassy in Washington DC.

The symposium provided a unique and valuable opportunity for the professionals to learn from each other and exchange ideas of significance importance.

In his opening remarks, Erimas Tilahun, President of EPPAD said that the association aims at bringing pharmaceutical and other related professionals together and serve as a platform for policy dialogue, knowledge exchange, promotion of business and access to safe and quality medicines in the US and Ethiopia. Biniyam Eshetu, Head of the Diaspora Affairs Division at the Embassy, also spoke at the occasion.

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More South Africans are looking at these 5 Caribbean countries for ‘cheaper’ passports

The poor economic outlook, weak investment climate and concerns about property ownership are all reasons affluent South Africans are looking for a second citizenship as a matter of priority, says Nadia Read-Thaele, director of LIO Global, World Residence and Citizenship.

This year has seen a notable rise in emigrations and HNWI (high net-worth) individuals looking to shift some of their wealth into offshore destinations to secure a second residency or citizenship, said Read-Thaele.

“Many clients do not actually want to leave the country, but want a second passport as a security option,” Read-Thaele stressed, adding that a second passport is often sought as it allows freedom of travel as many of the top European and Caribbean Programmes offer visa-free access to top international markets.

While the UK, Australia and USA are top options for emigration, these have among the highest property prices in the world and many other draw-backs for South Africans.

It is also very difficult to get into these countries, the immigration expert said.

South Africans are therefore looking to ‘buy’ a second citizenship, either by a donation of sorts to the government or investment into property, or a combination , depending on what that government’s programme requires in order for investors to qualify.

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3 restaurants open in 2 months as Nigerian population in Winnipeg doubles in size

New restaurants run by Nigerians are sprouting up in Winnipeg, Canada to caters to a swelling Nigerian community in Winnipeg — one which has more than doubled in size from 1,340 people of Nigerian origin in 2011 to 3,450 people by 2016, according to Statistics Canada data.

Winnipeg has plenty of East African establishments, but not enough restaurants dishing out the West African cuisine.  Ian Froese of  CBC News reports
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