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Refugee, teacher, turnaround agent, he’s the first Somali-American on St. Paul’s city council

By Frederick Melo

Shortly before being sworn into office, the newest member of the St. Paul City Council received an unhappy social media message from “Mike from Facebook.” The topic: trash.
What could be done, said Mike, about the refuse accumulating at Minnehaha Avenue and Duluth Street?

Kassim Busuri and his legislative aide, Scott Renstrom, immediately contacted a store owner at the corner to discuss the situation, and then Metro Transit to determine who owns a bench at the location. By the end of the day, the likelihood of getting a trash receptacle installed seemed high.

“We’re going to make sure it’s going to be fixed,” said Busuri on Wednesday, minutes after being seated at his first council meeting. His first project as council member may not be one for the record books, but Busuri’s arrival at City Hall holds special meaning for the city’s growing Somali-American population.

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Ethiopian, Eritrean and Somali win in US Mid-term elections

History was made in the US mid-term election when Ilhan Omar, became the  first Somali-Muslim- American  to be elected to Congress. But there were two  other African-born American politicians who also won seats. One from Ethiopia and the other from Eritrea. All three are democrats. Continue reading “Ethiopian, Eritrean and Somali win in US Mid-term elections”