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Taste of Nigeria Serves Up a Ton of Tribal Cuisine Near the Galleria

By Alaena Hostetter

A brand new restaurant Taste of Nigeria just debuted a lengthy menu of Nigerian eats near the Galleria. The new eatery, located at 5959 Richmond Avenue, is from Ayo and Tiffaney Odewale, the husband-and-wife team behind Cafe Abuja.

“We opened Taste of Nigeria based on demand in the Galleria area; there’s a decent population of Nigerians here,” Tiffaney tells Eater. The new spinoff is larger and has a more upscale feel than its predecessor. Diners will find seating for about 50, wood-clad walls, punched copper pendant lights, and a bar (unlike at Cafe Abuja).

As far as the menu is concerned, the Odewales expanded that also to accommodate more Nigerian tribal cuisines, according to Tiffany. “There are a lot of tribes in Nigeria,” she explains of her husband’s home country, leading to a rather lengthy menu of more than 50 dishes. Continue reading “Taste of Nigeria Serves Up a Ton of Tribal Cuisine Near the Galleria”