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Common mistakes Nigerians make in America – Model Joseph Water

By Vanguard Newspaper

From his wealth of knowledge and experience, Nigerian-American model Babalola Otitoju Joseph better known as Joseph Water has offered nuggets of advice to young Nigerians hoping to migrate to America and follow in his footsteps.

The 28-year-old seasoned model advised: “Firstly, they need a great dose of self-belief and tenacity to follow their dreams. They need to also understand the nuances of modelling; it is way more than having a pretty face and being photogenic.

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Kenyan-born fashion designer finds inspiration at home

By Tina Locurto | York Dispatch

If it’s a type of fabric, bet that Victoria Kageni-Woodard has it. The self-starter fashion designer based in York County has piles upon piles of colorful, patterned textiles she uses to create clothing designs of her wildest dreams.

Kageni-Woodard, born in Kenya, always felt a passion for sewing and design. With encouragement from her parents, Kageni-Woodard moved to the United States in 1991 and honed her skills at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

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Detroit Business Sells African Attire Made By Tailors In Congo

A Detroit-based brand is selling clothing and accessories that are made by African tailors who have been affected by past wars and their aftermath in Congo.

Zapenda is an online retailer started in 2019 and owned by co-founders Stella Safari and Dextina Booker, who are running the business in two countries. The sewing shop is in Bukavu in eastern Congo, where Safari employs eight people, six of them tailors. 

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Grace Kinda | This Kenyan entrepreneur Brings African Beauty Knowledge to Colorado and the West

By ELIZABETH MEHERT-AB | 303magazine.com

Global beauty routines have changed the Western lexicon when it comes to hair and skin care. K-Beauty (products from South Korea), J-Beauty (from Japan) and other globally-inspired trends keep growing in popularity. On top of that, natural, organic and clean ingredients have become a priority for health-conscious beauty consumers pushing companies to think outside of the box.

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Niyi Okuboyejo | A Designer’s Endlessly Adaptable Nigerian Stew

By Nick Marino | The New York Times

Nigerian cuisine revolves around starches, stews and soups served in celebratory portions. “We don’t sit down and have light bites of food,” says Niyi Okuboyejo, the Lagos-born fashion designer behind the New York-based men’s wear brand Post-Imperial.

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Nigeria’s first supermodel, Yemi Fawaz, dies at 64 in New York

Nigeria’s first supermodel, Yemi Fawaz is dead at the age of 64.

Fawaz who pioneered professional modelling in Nigeria and became Nigeria’s first supermodel died, February 20th at New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital.

Fawaz’s daughter, Magadelene Oluwatosin, broke the news on Facebook.

Ms Fawaz became a model in the late 70s. She also established a modeling school and did a lot for the fashion industry in Nigeria. She left Nigeria in 1997 and did not return until 2016.

Fawaz was born in Nigeria to a Lebanese father and a Nigerian mother.

For over 30 years, she had a successful career as a fashion and photographic model, beauty promoter/consultant, fashion designer, trade show organizer, chef and a restaurateur.

She opened the first modeling school and professional modeling agency in Nigeria and in West Africa.

She was diagnosed with enlarged heart, also known as congestive heart failure in 1999.

Fawaz is survived by her 33-year-old daughter.