Common mistakes Nigerians make in America – Model Joseph Water

By Vanguard Newspaper

From his wealth of knowledge and experience, Nigerian-American model Babalola Otitoju Joseph better known as Joseph Water has offered nuggets of advice to young Nigerians hoping to migrate to America and follow in his footsteps.

The 28-year-old seasoned model advised: “Firstly, they need a great dose of self-belief and tenacity to follow their dreams. They need to also understand the nuances of modelling; it is way more than having a pretty face and being photogenic.

It’s a synergy of posture, style, body rhythm, experimenting and creating, and finally, confidence. They must be ready to attune themselves to their creativity because modelling requires an imaginative mind.”

The high-flying model also outlined common mistakes that Nigerians are prone to in America.

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Said he: “The common mistake Nigerians make here in America is trying to impress people because it is somewhat the norm back in Nigeria to show off a lot. However, in America, many people do not care about external validation, that’s why there are many unassuming millionaires and billionaires.”

He continued: “Many Nigerians in America also neglect their health — they don’t go for periodic checkups, and they don’t watch what they eat, drink and use. They get attached to processed food and quick fixes which exposes them to certain illnesses as we are genetically susceptible to some medical conditions because of our race.”

Joseph Water further added: “The last common mistake I see amongst Nigerians in America is a lack of cultural intelligence. You can’t go to another man’s land and not adjust in ways that suit their lifestyle or you’ll be frustrated.”

The model who has walked the New York runway and other high-profile fashion exhibitions did not fail to point out what he considered the strengths of Nigerians who migrated to America and made a success of their lives.

According to him: “The common strength of successful Nigerian immigrants in America is their ability to unlearn and be adaptable to the American culture without compromising their beautiful core African cultural heritage.”

He said further: “They also have patience, resilience, and doggedness to keep trying different opportunities, developing themselves, and aiming high as America is a land of possibilities.”

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