Six Fantastic East African Eateries to Dig Into in the twin cities

by Julie Zhou | Eater Twin Cities

In addition to the abundance of Ethiopian and Eritrean eateries along St. Paul’s University and Snelling, the Twin Cities are home to a wealth of restaurants reflecting cuisines from other communities within the East African diaspora: milky, fragrant cups of shaah from Somalia, seared beef suqaar, tender, puffed flats of Yemeni mulawah.

Here are six favorites across Minneapolis and St. Paul.

1. The Red Sea

320 Cedar Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55454(612) 333-1644

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At The Red Sea, tackle the extensive menu from the beginning: with a seemingness endless selection of made-to-share starters. Make sure to order a sampler of their rolls: thin rounds of sour injera wrapped around a variety of lentil- and bean-based stews.

A West Bank classic


2. Dilla’s Ethiopian Restaurant

1813 Riverside Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55454(612) 332-2898

Diners from across the Twin Cities flock to Dilla’s on Thursdays and Sundays for their lunch buffet: endless rolls of injera, massive platters of seasoned rice, and a rotating selection of stews, curries, and marinated grilled meats.

Try one of everything at the lunch buffet


3. Ghebre’s Restaurant

512 Snelling Ave
St Paul, MN 55104(651) 493-4324

Located just across the street from Fasika, this Eritrean restaurant is housed in an airy, open space with live musicians often playing throughout the evening. Order any of their alicha specialties, featuring meat and assorted vegetables simmered in a gingery, turmeric- and berebere-spiced sauce.

Sunshine colored lentils help combat the winter doldrums

4. Fasika Restaurant

510 Snelling Ave N
St Paul, MN 55104(651) 646-4747

A long-standing institution in St. Paul, Fasika offers a particularly broad range of options for vegan and vegetarian diners. The best way to sample the largest portion of their menu is by ordering from their combination platters: whether the “Vege Sampler” or the “Ultimate Combination,” each platter comes with over half a dozen dishes served on a large disk of fresh injera.

Good luck choosing what to eat first

5. Demera Restaurant

823 University Ave W
St Paul, MN 55104(651) 224-6224

With a vibrant selection of unique cocktails, Demera is the perfect place to raise a glass alongside Ethiopian favorites: freshly fried sambusas served with spicy-sweet honey awaze sauce, a variety of wots (stews), and the housespecialty ambasha, a yeasted, slightly sweet skillet-baked bread.

Don’t miss the gomen here

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