At The Green Place in Brooklyn, Fufu is the favorite food of Americans

By Ebimo Amungo

Jollof rice may be the rage but at The Green Place, fufu is the food that is ordered the most by Americans.

Joy Green, owner of this Nigerian restaurant on Rockaway Avenue in Brooklyn, New York, gave this insight with a laud guffaw.

“They also order a lot of okra soup” she added laughing.

The Green Place is small but it is busy. The wall is adorned with several African paintings.

“Most of my sales is through Uber Eats and Door Dash” Joy Green revealed.

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But while I was there a steady stream of African and American clients shuffled in to take orders and eat. In a short time, all the tables were filled.

“I arrived New York from Florida yesterday and I looked forward to coming here to eat African food” one Puerto Rican diner told me.

She had a spread of jollof rice, fried plantain, beans and assorted meat stew to dig into.

Digging into a plate of jollof rice fried plantains beans and assorted meat stew washed down with a bottle of Nigerian Star beer

People were plowing into an assortment of “swallow and soup” that included amala, eba, oha and egusi soup

One diner was having a laugh as she twirled sliding strands of okra soup. It seems she was new to a Nigerian artform of swallowing fufu and okra.

Joy Green said she worked at “Buka”, the iconic Nigerian restaurant on Fulton Street, before she opened The Green Place in 2015.

She attributed the growth and popularity of her restaurant to positive reviews by satisfied clients on various platforms. The Green Place has a four-star rating and lots of pictures of food ordered and eaten by satisfied client’s on sites like Yelp.

The Green Place is at
180 Rockaway Avenue, Brooklyn,
NY 11233