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New Residency Law Threatens Moroccan Migrants’ Future in Quebec

By Yahia Hatim | Morocco World News

A new reform to the Quebec experience program, known as PEQ, has sparked outrage among Moroccan students and workers in Quebec, Canada, who were hoping to apply for permanent residency in the French-speaking province. 

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Morocco’s Ambassador to Canada: Moroccan Community’s Safety is Priority

By Safaa Kasraoui |Moroccan World News

Morocco’s ambassador to Canada, Souriya Otmani, issued a solidarity message to the country’s Moroccan community. In a video posted on the Moroccan Embassy in Canada’s official Facebook page, Otmani warned expatriates, also known as MREs, about the danger of the pandemic and its rapid proliferation across the world.

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Moroccan Expatriates in Canada to Contribute to Moroccan Economy

Morocco seeks to benefit from the expertise of Moroccan expatriates in Canada.

By Taha Mebtoul 

Morocco’s delegate minister in charge of Moroccan expatriates, Nezha El Ouafi, and Quebec’s Minister of Immigration, Simon Jolin Barette, held a meeting in Montreal on February 28 to discuss the prospect of bringing the expertise of Moroccans in Canada to Moroccan organizations.

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Studies in Canada: Procedures Eased for Moroccan and Senegalese Applicants

The Canadian government has decided to facilitate the  procedures for young Moroccans and Senegalese who wish to pursue their studies in Canada, through the Student Direct Stream (SDS) program, starting September 9.

Launched in 2018, this expedited study permit processing program has been extended to include students from Morocco and Senegal. Its processing time does not exceed three weeks.

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Whistler seeing influx of Moroccan immigrants

Close to 50 Moroccan chefs have landed in the resort since Sept. 2018

By Brandon Barrett

WHISTLER HAS ALWAYS been home to immigrants from around the world, but thanks to a federal program aimed at Francophones, combined with the recruitment efforts of a former Whistler Blackcomb (WB) vice president, the resort has recently seen an influx of immigrants from an unlikely destination: Morocco.

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