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Egypt speaks from amongst its ancient ruins

By Ray Chatelin

Egypt not only capitalizes on its culture and history, it revels in it.

The old and the new live side by side here, a physical and spiritual culture of pharaohs and kings, and a contemporary population whose past is tightly linked to its economic future.

For in this arid country of blowing sand and vast cities, you can’t escape the past. It clings to you at every corner of its ancient temples, stares at you from every doorway of its tombs and monuments.

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Egyptian student’s parents like Cape Breton so much they stayed


When Rahaf Geisa arrived in Cape Breton in September of 2017, what surprised her most was the people.

Geisa, 19, of Egypt, is in her second year of studies for a bachelor of science (chemistry) degree at Cape Breton University.

“People say Canadians are friendly, but I didn’t expect that friendly,” she says. “A stranger will smile and say, ‘Hi, how’s it going?’ They treat me the same, not like a different person.

“I like that very much.”

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