Legislative Assembly of Ontario declares July Egyptian Heritage Month

The Legislative Assembly of Ontario has approved a resolution to recognise July every year as Egyptian Heritage Month in the province.

The Ministry of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates Affairs on Friday congratulated Egyptian expats in Canada on the passing of the resolution.

A third and final reading of the bill is scheduled to be held during the coming months before it is circulated through the Canadian provinces.

“Declaring a month for Egyptian civilisation and heritage in Canada came as a result of the efforts of MPP Sheref Sabawy,” Minister of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates Affairs Nabila Makram said in a statement, referring to a member of the Ontario legislative body.

Makram praised the efforts of Sabawy and his enthusiasm and loyalty to his motherland and appreciation of all for his role in Canada.

Sabawy had proposed the resolution.

Canadian MP of Egyptian origin Sherif Sabawy (Photo courtesy of Egyptian Ministry of Immigration)

Egypt’s General Consul in Montreal Hossam Muharram expressed his great pride in the widespread praise expressed by the officials and MPPs of Ontario province for Egypt, its people and its leadership.

This came after Muharram’s participation in the second discussion in the Ontario parliament of the resolution.

Muharram praised the belonging of the Egyptians-Canadians like Sabawy to their motherland.

He also lauded commitment of Canadian Egyptians to celebrating their motherland at every opportunity and finding the opportunity for the Egyptian community to culturally, scientifically and economically contribute and highlight the role of Egypt and its history.

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