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The Tale of Two Sisters: A Journey to West Africa

By Helen Frazier

My sister and I traveled to the continent of Africa and visited the nations of Liberia and Ghana. Since this was my first trip visiting the “motherland”, I had no idea that it would take my sister’s knowledge after visiting twice per year for 15 years to keep me safe. Upon our arrival at what I didn’t recognize as an airport, I was met with bribes by security personnel. If it had not been for my sister’s knowledge on how to navigate traveling to another country, I might have missed the opportunity to realize the full benefit of experiencing a culture so different from that of my own.

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After visiting Nigeria for the Olojo festival, Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr.,
President and CEO, National Newspaper Publishers Association admonishes African-Americans to forge ties with the African Continent as he posits that it is imperative that they know their heritage. Continue reading “TIME FOR AFRICAN AMERICANS TO “COME HOME””