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US removes reciprocity visa fees for Nigerians

By Punch Newspapers

The United States has removed all visa reciprocity fees for Nigerians seeking visas to the US with effect from December 3, the Federal Government has said.

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Nureldin Satti | Sudan’s New Ambassador Predicts Improved Relations With US

By John Tanza | Voice of America

The new Sudanese top diplomat in Washington said his country is committed to correcting the mistakes of former rulers of Sudan.

“This [Sudanese] revolution, you know, has come because of certain errors being committed in the past and because the people, the overwhelming majority of the Sudanese people, have realized that the ways of the Islamists were not in the interest of the country,” said Ambassador Nureldin Satti.

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US/Africa policy must have voices of ordinary people from across the continent

By Naunihal Singh | Africa Report

Regardless of who wins the US elections in November, analysts have argued that a process of updating and revitalising US policy towards Africa is overdue. New data from Afrobarometer’s latest round of public attitude surveys conducted across 18 African countries during 2019/2020 provide several guideposts for US policy makers.

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The US election in November will be consequential for Africans

For democrats in Africa, the next three months will be pivotal in deciding whether the US will be a foe or an ally.

by Patrick Gathara | Al Jazeera

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US Announces Visa Restrictions on Sudanese Entities

By Nabeel Biajo | | Voice of America

WASHINGTON – The United States government announced this week it will begin visa restrictions on people believed to be undermining Sudan’s civilian-led government. The order will affect former officials of ousted President Omar Al Bashir’s administration and others, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement.

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By Patrick Burgess

Controversial former Bermuda resident Lana Marks has been confirmed as the American ambassador to South Africa by the US Senate almost a year after President Donald Trump appointed her to the post.


Northern New York native describes his work as U.S. ambassador to Rwanda


A Canton native now serving as the U.S. ambassador to Rwanda described Monday how the small African country has rebounded since a 1994 genocide, during which nearly a million residents were murdered.

Peter H. Vrooman, 53, was joined by his mother Sally Vrooman, Canton, during the luncheon meeting of the Canton Rotary Club at the Best Western University Inn.

“I try to encourage people to visit Rwanda. It’s a very safe country,” Mr. Vrooman said. “It’s a place you can get to; it’s fairly well-served and connected with airports. It’s just a long way to go.”

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Ivanka Trump concludes visit to Ethiopia

By Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban

Senior White House advisor and daughter of United States president, Ivanka Trump, concluded her visit to Ethiopia describing the two-day experience as an “incredible trip.” She arrived in the country on Sunday hailing Addis Ababa as the “diplomatic capital of Africa and the continent’s highest city.”

The period of her stay has been packed since arrival through to departure.

In between the period, she savored the acclaimed Ethiopian coffee, signed deals aimed at women empowerment – the reason she embarked on the trip, paid tribute to victims of Boeing 737 MAX accident and met Lucy.

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US Embassy in Nigeria gives verdict on 2019 elections

The US Embassy in Nigeria has expressed disappointment in the quality of the 2019 elections in Nigeria.

The US Embassy said in a statement on Thursday that low turnout of voters, voter intimidation, interference by security forces, vote buying and violence reportedly marred the conduct of the elections in some locations.

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Donald Trump earmarks $60 billion for Africa’s development

The US government has earmarked $60 to fund private sector US investments in Africa through a new Presidential Initiative, called “Prosper Africa,” to support U.S. investment across the continent, improve the business climate, and accelerate the growth of Africa’s middle class.

In support of Prosper Africa, President Donald Trump signed into law the BUILD Act, establishing the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation, or IDFC.

US Deputy Secretary of State,
John J. Sullivan, disclosed these facts at an investment luncheon in Luanda, Angola as part of his tour of Africa.

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