By Patrick Burgess

Controversial former Bermuda resident Lana Marks has been confirmed as the American ambassador to South Africa by the US Senate almost a year after President Donald Trump appointed her to the post.

The one-time Bermuda tennis champion was confirmed on October 4 and the appointment is the completion of a circle for the businesswoman, as she will return to the land of her birth.

Ms Marks, 65, and her 80-year-old husband, Neville, a British psychiatrist, left Bermuda after lengthy court battles, moved to the United States and became American citizens.

The couple were convicted in the Supreme Court in 1982 of employing without Immigration approval, Lucia King, a black South African nanny and of keeping her under slave-like conditions.

They were cleared on appeal in July 1983 — after just ten minutes of deliberation by the Court of Appeal — the next year.

Ms Marks was also cleared of two counts of submitting false immigration documents.

Both were given 12-month conditional discharges.

The couple were represented by then Opposition leader, the future Dame Lois Browne-Evans, who eventually withdrew from the case.

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