SA city is the world’s top African bucket list destination

New data released by hoppa, leading ground transportation specialist, reveals the world’s most popular bucket list destinations in Africa for 2019. South Africa and Kenya feature strongly.

Cape Town topped the list as the most popular bucket list destination in city in Africa, while Kenya is the most popular country on most peoples bucket-list to visit

African bucket list destinations for 2019 is based on a survey of travelers across the globe (including Europe, North America, and Australasia).

The Cape Town International Jazz Festival also topped the list for African events on the bucket lists of travelers.

Kenya is top country to visit

As far as African countries go, Kenya ranked the highest, followed by Madagascar and Tanzania, possibly due to the great year-round weather conditions in those countries.

Top tourist attractions on the continent include the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, the Kruger National Park in South Africa, and the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

South Africa featured quite strongly in the survey, revealing how highly regarded the country is by tourists across the globe. Johannesburg and Durban also featured on the top 10 list for African cities alongside Cape Town, while Table Mountain was named a top tourist attraction, and the Cape to Rio Ocean Race and Durban July were included as top events.

Tourism is vitally important to the South African economy, and according to Stats SA, one in every 22 working South Africans are employed in the tourism sector. The tourism sector directly contributes 2,9% to South African gross domestic product (GDP) making the tourism sector a larger contributor than agriculture.

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