Diaspora Showcase brings African culture to Tucson

By Rogelio Mares

The history of African Americans in Tucson is rich, full of names, dates and titles.

During segregation if you were black you could only learn that history at the Dunbar Academy.

“Which means if I was here 100 years ago,” said Kwevi Quaye, “this would be the only place I could got to school and so to me that’s very, very important.”

Very important to Quaye because in 2004 he started the Diaspora showcase.

“We created the Diapsora Showcase as a platform to really show Africa in different ways.”


Quaye said they do that through art, music, food and fashion, and for 15 years the Showcase has been held around the city.

“We’ve done it everywhere else, at the Jewish Community Center, we’ve done it at the Chinese Cultural Center,” Quaye said.

For the first time ever the Diaspora Showcase will held at the Dunbar Academy.

“Coming to the Dunbar for me became very important when I understood the history of what Dunbar represents.”

Quaye moved to Tucson from Nigeria to attend the University of Arizona.

David Adams played ball at the U of A when he went there, on Saturday he’ll be the master of ceremonies for the showcase.

“It’s a time when you don’t even notice the colors of different people,” Adams said, “it’s just everybody having a good time.”

Fatima Ndoye was born in Tucson.

Her parents came to Tucson from Senegal to study at the U of A, she’s attending today.

Ndoye has been involved in the showcase for most of her life.

“This is not an African event, it’s just to promote African culture, so anyone and everyone is welcome to attend.”

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