Canada PM, Trudeau, seeks Nigerian journalist’s help for reelection

As Canadians prepare for the House of Commons election, incumbent Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has solicited the help of a Nigerian journalist, Chief Olufemi Shodunke, to return to office for another four years.

Trudeau in an email told Shodunke: “The 2019 election campaign starts today, Olufemi – and I’m so grateful to count you as a part of this movement.

“This is an important election – and we need your support to earn another mandate,” Trudeau, whose late father, Pierre Trudeau, remains Canada’s third longest-serving PM, pleaded with Canada-based Publisher of GatewayMail newspaper.

“We’ve got an important choice to make on October 21st, and all of our work between now and then is about the kind of future we want to build together.”

“Do we go back to the politics of the Harper years, or keep moving forward and build on the progress we’ve made together? Trudeau asked, and answered: “I’m for moving forward, for everyone – and I’m counting on your hope and hard work as we start out on this new campaign.”

Trudeau, who is also the leader of LP, said of his party: “While Liberals have been taking real action to strengthen the middle class, protect a clean environment, and grow the economy, Conservatives want to roll back our progress.”

He declared: “We cannot allow that to happen, Olufemi. It’s time to show Mr. Scheer and his Conservative allies that Canadians don’t want to go backwards. That making progress matters – and a better future for Canada isn’t possible with fear and division standing in the way.

“Canadians across the country are counting on us to continue building on the progress we’re making – for them, their families, and their communities. Let’s keep telling people about the progress we’re making, the future we’re building, and keep hitting the campaign trail together from coast to coast.”

The PM boasted on his achievements: “Since 2015, Canadians have created more than one million new jobs, unemployment has fallen to a 40-year low, and more than 825,000 Canadians have lifted themselves out of poverty.

Shodunke, an indigene of Abeokuta from Ogun State, is the immediate past President of Olumo Progressive Association Canada Inc, and currently the Public Relations Officer of Egba National Association USA and Canada.

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