Washington State Gov. Inslee appoints Nigerian-Born Edirin Okoloko Judge

Gov. Jay Inslee today appointed Nigerian-born Edirin Okoloko to Snohomish County Superior Court. He will replace Judge George Bowden, who is retiring.

Okoloko has worked for the past 13 years in the Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, where he is a deputy prosecuting attorney working on homicide, sexual assault, child abuse and elder abuse cases. He has also worked in the office’s violent crime, property crime and District Court units, and he represents the office on the Snohomish County Multiple Agency Response Team, which investigates incidents of suspected excessive force by police officers.

Okoloko has successfully prosecuted four murder trials and has been recognized by his office for completing a high volume of jury trials. Before working as a prosecutor, Okoloko served as a judicial law clerk for former Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Michael Downes.

“Edirin has a clear dedication to the legal profession and a successful history of bringing justice to some of our state’s most vulnerable crime victims,” Inslee said. “He will be an excellent addition to the bench in Snohomish County.”

Born in Nigeria, Okoloko received his law degree from the Seattle University School of Law and a Bachelor of Law from the University of Benin in Nigeria.

He will begin his new role in October.

One thought on “Washington State Gov. Inslee appoints Nigerian-Born Edirin Okoloko Judge”

  1. Okoloko was not a fair judge in my case. He dismissed my case with prejudice, despite the opposing attorneys lying and committing perjury on every point. Opposing attorneys presented no evidence, no law, just restated lies without proof. I did prove in filings that the opposing attorneys lied on all points. Okoloko cut me off from testifying after less than 5 minutes. He ruled on LUPA matter he had no understanding of, and did not ask about. He would not grant me Expansion of Time for me to prove the opposing attorneys lied. As you may guess, the opposing attorneys acted for the City. Yesterday I submitted a complaint to the Commission on Judicial Conduct. I complained to the Governor. Okoloko basically prosecuted me, the victim. He ruled for City actors who had no oath of office and did not even have the authority to speak for the City.

    “Tree City” Everett, WA has become near treeless mostly due to one planning manager letting businesses build here with virtually no landscaping, such being against law. The allegation and proof is so incredibly shocking that perhaps Okoloko couldn’t believe it. But he had months to correct his dismissal after I filed Motion for Reconsideration. Okoloko single-handedly left Everett in the cheating hands of City staff. He may have desired to support the City, despite all proof that they cheated, but he actually just ruled for the cheating staff, and against the City.

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