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Barrack Obama’s Kenyan Brother to Expose Family Secrets in Tell-All Book

By MARTIN SIELE | Kenyans.co.ke

Former US President Barack Obama’s Kenyan half-brother, Malik Obama, is set to publish a new tell-all book uncovering details of relations within the Obama family that have long stayed hidden from the public eye. Malik, who has in recent years cultivated a large following among American right-wingers due to his support of President Donald J. Trump, announced that the upcoming book would be titled Big Bad Brother from Kenya.

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Obama Picks Nigerian-American to head foundation

The Obama Foundation has hired Adewale “Wally” Adeyemo, a former Deputy National Security Advisor for International Economics and deputy director of the National Economic Council, as its president, leading the implementation of the organization’s strategic plan and managing its organizational structures and functions.

Adeyemo, whose parents migrated from Nigeria to the US will be the first president of the Obama Foundation

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Obama and the Legacy of Africa’s Renaissance Generation

There was a generation of Africans who went to the western world to get educated. That generation included the father of former President Barrack Obama and a lot of political leaders who led their countries into independence. This article by Aminatta Forna in the New York Review of Books talks about that Renaissance generation.

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