US President-elect Joe Biden phones Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, talks about regional security, climate change

By Nancy Agutu | The Star

US President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday called Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta to offer his gratitude after congratulating him on his win.

“The president-elect offered his gratitude for President Kenyatta’s congratulations and expressed his appreciation for the strong and lasting ties between our two countries,” Biden said.

Biden conveyed his interest in building on that partnership across a range of issues, including by tackling the threat of climate change, supporting refugees and their host communities, and addressing challenges of regional security and instability.


Uhuru sent a message of congratulations and best wishes to Biden following his win in the recent United States of America elections.

Uhuru termed the emphatic win in the hard-fought polls as a demonstration of Americans ‘confidence in the leadership ‘credentials of the former Vice President.

“Americans have spoken loudly and clearly through their votes by picking a highly experienced, colourfully decorated and long-serving leader to become their next Head of State,” Uhuru said.


The President-elect also took part in separate congratulatory calls with the leaders of Argentina, Costa Rica and with the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

He also thanked Argentina President Alberto Fernández for his congratulations and expressed his appreciation for the longstanding and deep friendship between the United States and Argentina.

He pledged to work closely with Argentina to contain the Covid-19 pandemic and advance global health security, including through strengthening hemispheric institutions.

Biden emphasized the need for even deeper hemispheric cooperation on advancing economic prosperity, combating climate change, strengthening democracy, and managing regional migration flows, among other shared challenges.

The president-elect also acknowledged the significance of His Holiness Pope Francis to the people of Argentina and Latin America.

Biden further expressed his appreciation for Costa Rica’s leadership on human rights, regional migration, Covid-19, and the threat of climate change.

He underscored his concern for the people of Central America as they seek to rebuild from recent hurricanes and the challenges associated with climate migration.

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The president-elect pledged to deepen the U.S.-Costa Rica partnership based on shared democratic values, while also advancing a shared vision for regional prosperity and more effective hemispheric institutions.

Biden also spoke with United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, whom he thanked for his congratulations. 

They discussed the need for a strengthened partnership between the United States and the United Nations on urgent global issues, including combatting COVID-19 and building resilience to future public health challenges; confronting the threat of climate change; addressing humanitarian need; advancing sustainable development; upholding peace and security and resolving conflicts, and promoting democracy and human rights.

Biden also noted his deep concern for escalating violence in Ethiopia and the risk it poses to civilians.

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