Congolese community mourning the loss of Nzengeli Mfwamba

By Marley Capper | WCIA

URBANA, Ill.- The Congolese community of Champaign County is mourning the loss of a loved family member and friend. His name is Nzengeli Mfwamba. Authorities believe he was stabbed to death by his daughter’s boyfriend, 23-year-old Dominic Fortune.

The stabbing occurred at Peppermill Lane and Brookfield Drive just after midnight. His family said that Mfwamba was getting off work.

“He never wanted any trouble,” Eddy Mfwamba said. “He feared there was something bad coming.”

Mfwamba’s brother, Eddy, said that just days before the stabbing he was asking the court for a no contact order against Fortune.

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“He came to me last week and said to me, brother, if you heard something happened to me, it was that guy.”

Eddy stated that Nzengeli’s daughter had an unhealthy relationship with Fortune.

“My brother, he said to him, I don’t want you with my daughter,” Eddy said.

Eddy also said when Fortune started fighting with Nzengeli, and even though his daughter had a no contact order against Fortune, he was not following it.

“But even though he was saying that, the guy was still coming to the house, and look now what happened,” Eddy said.

Days before Nzengeli was killed, Eddy said his brother went to a judge to get a no contact order, but was denied and told he needed proof of Fortune’s aggression toward the family.

John Matanda, president of the Congolese Community of Champaign County said this could have been prevented.

“He went there asking to be protected, (and) nothing had been done,” Matanda said.

“This was preventable, if they did something,” Eddy said. “I do not want this to happen to anybody else.”

Fortune will be charged in court tomorrow with four counts of first degree murder.