Kenyan Wins $50, 000 on Ellen Degeneres Show

A Kenyan lady studying in the United States was treated to a surprise by American Comedian Ellen Degeneres when she was united with her family during a live TV talk show

Achieng Agutu, who has been struggling to make ends meet in the US, also won $50,000 after she and her family played a game during the show where they were required to pick one out of three cards which represented different figures.

“I moved here (US) about 5 years ago for higher education. It has been amazing and it has also been really hard for my family back in Kenya because they have honestly done every single thing they have from selling land to taking loans and borrowing money to be able to pay my school fees,” Agutu explained when Ellen called her from the crowd during the show.

Unknown to Agutu who hails from Kisumu, her family members including her parents from Kenya were at the backstage.

She could not control tears of joy when she finally hugged parents and brothers whom she had not seen for two years.

“We are thankful and this is amazing. You inspire us so much and the fact that you are even able o do this is just amazing,” Agutu thanked Ellen.

Ellen Degeras is one of the top American comedians who hosts the most popular American talk show under her name. 

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