Angelique Kidjo and Beyonce Trend As Nigerians Debate who should be called Mama Africa


Popular Beninese musician and songwriter of Nigerian descent, Angélique Kidjo, is trending on Twitter as Nigerians debate on who deserves to be called Mama Africa.

It all started when a Twitter user, @_YourGirl_T, stated that American singer, Beyonce, should be regarded as Mama Africa following her recent album, Black is King, where she adorned African attire.

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This statement elicited lots of backlash from users of the micro-blogging platform as they stated that the American singer does not come close to other notable African musicians, like deceased Zenzile Miriam Makeba, late Brenda Fassie, Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Kidjo, who have promoted African music and culture for decades.

THEWILL captures some of their tweets below:

@SirMakavelli wrote: “Calling Beyonce Mama Africa is just too much disrespect there are so many African Queens doing the most who deserve that title.

PANDA @matopanda0147 wrote: “Some people will just see you and think majority carry the vote. Yemi alade remains Mama Africa….”

Fallback.@healsvx wrote: “She capitalize on African culture, ignore Africa in her global tours, The only time she comes to Africa is when she has to do charity work which happens once in many years, Africans want to tag her “Mama Africa” lmaooooooooooo dfkm.”

Oluwafunmilayo@FunmiKolz wrote: “We have only one Mama Africa and that’s Yemi Alade.”

Eyob@Eyob18487037 writes: “Why would she be Mama Africa why you choose to be low – – – we believe our African mothers are the real ones she might be black but don’t forget she will sell her soul for the highest bidder.”

Emkay@Emkayimagery writes: “The only Mama Africa I know is Yemi Alade. Beyonce is an “Outlander Africa.”

ØMØĐØN øf Ɇđ☯︎@fomodon wrote” We have Angelique Kidjo, Patience Ozokwor, and even Chimamanda Adichie, but you want us to call Beyoncé MAMA AFRICA because of Animal skin Pijamas & she dressing like a spirit? What’s wrong with you people?”

Chiefs 3:0 Pirates 2019-2020@EdmondSebola wrote: “How can someone who doesn’t have African roots be called Mama Africa?”

маша @Malenkayamashaa wrote: “Lmao, the woman never lived in a single African country and you want to call her Mama Africa get out pls.”

eku wrote: “She, Angelique Kidjo, is Mama Africa. Let’s know our place whenever we want to be over-excited about some of our favs’ achievements. Thank you.”

Ashley@_ashleymureithi wrote: “That ‘Mama Africa’ tweet has messed up my morning .”

Toph@nyashhhhhh wrote: “Hanzi let’s call Beyoncé “mama Africa” are you guys out of your minds?”

Fallback.@healsvx wrote: “She capitalize on African culture, ignore Africa in her global tours, The only time she comes to Africa is when she has to do charity work which happens once in many years ,africans want to tag her “Mama Africa” lmaooooooooooo dfkm.”

Mastermind! @Damilola_MM wrote: “I only know and recognize 2 Mama Africa : Angelique Kidjo and Yemi Alade. Who is Beyonce?”
Àgbọn@Setemih wrote: “Yemi Aládé is still the màmá Africa and nobody is taking that away from her.”

#EkstasyMedia@Ayoappeal wrote: “She has been to South Africa with her family was recent few months back, performed for Gadaffi at a private party, just to put that straight. She can’t be mama Africa, she doesn’t exude the African Spirit, she doesn’t know motherland.”

Trouble Finder@explicitlyme_ wrote: “I get your point but let’s make our points with accurate information. Beyonce has been to Nigeria once. She also came to Ghana in relation to this project. She is in no way Mama Africa but she has been on the continent before. That much is true.”

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