Trevor Noah’s tells viewers to stop AT&T-Direct TV from canning “The Daily Show”

South Africans have sent messages of support to Trevor Noah, with some telling him to come back home.

The comedian and The Daily Show host found himself on top of the trends list on Saturday morning after South Africans caught news of the possibility of his show being cancelled.

Noah announced on Thursday that American direct broadcast satellite service provider, AT&T-Direct TV, was planning to drop Comedy Central and 22 other channels, a move that would directly affect his show.

He said in a video: “Hello, AT&T-Direct TV customers, my name is Trevor Noah from The Daily Show, and if you think government shutdowns are bad, get ready for something worse. AR&T-Direct TV might drop Comedy Central and up to 22 other Viacom channels. They’ll be shutting down your access to all-new episodes of your favourite shows, so take action. Call the channel and let them know that you want Comedy Central so that you can watch Daily Show the way God intended it, that was too much, but I think they get it.”

His unfortunate announcement was met with celebration, from those who said they stopped watching the show when he took over. The comments section of his tweet got messy as South Africans jumped to his defence.

Dart Lucy wrote: “The average American citizen loves each and every other American citizen. We aren’t racist, we want a strong USA so we can make a living. We’re sick of people like you feeding the mad cow disease of liberalism as if you are the norm for us. No. You’re not. We’re glad to see you go,” while @gruesomemars said: “I’ll call them to make sure to drop Comedy Central. Nothing ever has been funny on there expect Trevor Noah not being on my TV channel lineup. Good riddance.”

Twitter user Julia Cattaneo said she made the phone call and was told “they are working with Via Com to keep them”.

“I was told they have had many calls. Here’s hoping they are being truthful. I cannot lose my Comedy Central. I will go crazy in the next two years without it,” she said.

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