Meet J.S Ondara: The next big musical export from Kenya to the world

You might hear his voice and wonder why you’ve never heard of J.S Ondara but that is set to change because we are going to introduce you to the silky-voiced crooner.

Ondara is a Kenyan who moved to the United States of America six years ago after winning a Green Card lottery that allowed him to settle down there, where he picked up guitar playing from scratch.

The interesting thing about his artistic journey is that it all started with a bet gone wrong!

He had bet with a friend that the song Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door was written by the band, Guns N’ Roses, his favourite band and not by the legendary musician Bob Dylan.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, he recalled when he first discovered Bob Dylan; a man whom he thought he was a mind-boggling person.

His talent saw him not only master his craft but also land a mega record label deal and he’s opened up for artistes like Lindsey Buckingham and First Aid Kit, stars we only get to see on TV.
You would be had pressed to find a Kenyan who’s musical palate doesn’t prefer Naija pop, Bongo or locals yet for Ondara, his first love (musically speaking) is rock -a genre he has dedicated his talents to.
Growing up, he was the guy obsessed with American Rock, a fact that made him unique from his peers.
Ondara reminisced on how he used to cut school inorder to save up his bus far which he would promptly spend at a cyber cafe and researching Dylan’s music, memorizing his songs and style of making music which falls under the genre of American folk.

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