Afrigo band set for Uganda Festival in New York

Wasula said their wide collection of songs allows the band to be versatile, noting that they have many songs they didn’t perform last year.

When Afrigo band ascended to the stage at the magnificent Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in Washington DC last year, the audience went gaga.

On their feet were thousands of Ugandans living in the diaspora and well-wishers who had gathered for the Uganda Festival and Business Expo 2018.

A warm, ecstatic reception it was for the band that has grooved Ugandans for over 40 years. From millennials to geezers, the ballroom sounded like a choir as fans chanted and sung along and danced to the outfit’s timeless hits like Jim, Oswadde Nyo and Musik.

At the end, the revellers were yearning for more. Anyway, that is the story of every Afrigo’s performance. Both home and diaspora, fans rarely get enough of the band.
Luckily for the diaspora community in North American, the band has been confirmed to yet again perform at UNAA Causes’ Uganda Festival and Business Expo in New York, US.
Perhaps this time the outfit will quench the thirst of their fans at the event also dubbed the ‘Summer’s Ultimate Event’ which is scheduled for August 29 to September 02 at the Grand Hyatt in New York.

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