Nigeria remains home despite my long sojourn abroad –Itoro Bassey

By The Sun Newspaper

For writer Itoro Bassey, in spite of her many years sojourn in America, Nigeria remains the best place to be notwithstanding its numerous challenges.

Speaking at the inauguration of her book titled, “Faith” in Abuja recently, Bassey said: “Though, Nigeria is presently going through some economic and security challenges, I chose to come home to deal with the challenges and see how I can contribute my quota towards making the country great.” 

Narrating her experience while in the US, Bassey said that she was regarded as an immigrant, but still enjoyed basic amenities such as 24-hours electricity. She, however, stated that she was discriminated against due to her blackness. “For me, the reason I came back is because I want to know Nigeria. I am also willing to deal with some of the challenges that come with it. In the US, the problem is not infrastructure; it is being black. It can be very difficult living and working there.”

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According to the author, many people don’t know what it is like to be a diaspora Nigerian. “The idea is that in the West, everything is great as well as all other privileges, but you can lose who you are if you are not careful,” she stressed.

Speaking on her book, Bassey said that it’s aimed at educating people who don’t quite know what it is to live in the diaspora.

Teniola Tayo, Deputy Programme Director, Abuja Literary Society, lauded the writer, saying the book stressed the need for connection and engagement between Nigerians and their counterparts in the diaspora. He urged Nigerians to extend the hand of fellowship and encourage those in the diaspora who want to come home to settle down.