Rose Njeri | Story of an unemployed college graduate who founded 2 companies in the United States

By The Bharat Express News

Rose Njeri is an established entrepreneur enjoying her success despite being tarred for years due to unemployment.Njeri, like any other university graduate, had bigger dreams of getting a job in a multinational company to explore his gained experience.

Unfortunately, his career did not go as planned by the family science degree holder. She had been unemployed for years.

Njeri kept her hope alive by moving to the United States of America where she got a second chance at life, allowing her to run two businesses.

Rose Njeri, founder of Rosefit Apparel, an American online company

Njeri is the founder of Rosefit Apparel, an American online company that sells personal training equipment to customers in Kenya and the United States (USA).

She founded the company in 2018 out of inspiration from being a freelancer. The now renamed company was established with a capital of Ksh 100,000.

“I mainly worked for myself. I fell in love with entrepreneurship,” Njeri said in a previous interview with the business daily.

The inspiration behind an online training apparel business also came from her personal experience with healthy lifestyle and wellness.

“I started Rosefit Apparel after five years of personal training. I used to buy sportswear all the time, so I thought it was better to use that money and invest in my business “, she remarked.

She added, “I started out selling only tank tops and t-shirts. Once I introduced leggings and sports bras, I had customers ordering from Kenya, which prompted me to bring the clothes to Kenya to avoid the high shipping costs from the United States.”

Her online business sells products such as leggings, sports bras, tank tops, plus sizes and activewear for men.

It has attracted top athletes wearing its brands with a price range of Ksh 2,000 to Ksh 5,000.

“Our customer is really everyone, we have sportswear that caters to everyone. We have now introduced sportswear for men and we hope that next we will also have sportswear for children Why? We never want to leave anyone behind. We want everyone to find comfortable sportswear from our brand,” she said.

Apart from the online business, Njeri also runs a real estate company in the United States and is now expanding her services in Kenya.

Njeri’s construction company in the United States buys distressed properties, repairs them, then resells them for a profit.

In Kenya, it invested in a future condominium in the Nairobi Upper Hill area among other real estate projects.

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