Council for Ethiopian Diaspora Action, CEDA: PM Abiy Ahmed Response to Donald Trump on Bombing the DAM / GERD

NEWS PROVIDED BY Council for Ethiopian Diaspora Action, CEDA

WASHINGTON – In the light of the recent US brokered and historic deal, that sees the normalization of relations between the great nations of Sudan and Israel, we the Ethiopian people wish to share our optimism and support for further stability in the Horn of Africa region. During these talks, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance dam, GERD, was mentioned by President Donald Trump.

We would like to clarify misconceptions and misrepresentations that may exist around this momentous African project that is transformative for the entire African continent. It is posed to contribute to the African grid. 

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For thousands of years, the peoples of the Horn of Africa have revered the mighty Nile. Its spiritual significance to these lands has been enshrined in poetry, music and spoken word for time immemorial. And in Ethiopia, a land that is holy to Christians and Muslims and followers of many faiths, these waters hold a place in the hearts of millions of Africans.

Threatening to “blow up the DAM” that the Ethiopian poor are financing in in its entirety and prevent a sovereign nation like Ethiopia from using its own water resources is a throwback to the colonial era. At the time, Ethiopian and other African citizens did not have any say in the utilization of their own natural resources.

Today a new dawn is upon us, when a continent can rejoice in unison. The GERD stands as beacon of hope for all Africans. The dam is a hydroelectric power project. It does not consume water. The Dam allows water to flow unhindered to downstream nations of the Sudan and Egypt.

We know for sure that the people of the United States and the rest of the world will appreciate the fact that 65 million Ethiopians who live in darkness will enjoy light that emanates for the GERD. Horn of Africa and Eastern African nations including Kenya; Egypt and the Sudan and others will also benefit from the supply of cheap electricity.


Egypt, the Sudan and Ethiopia enjoy historical links that span thousands of years. Ethiopia does not wish to harm the interests of brothers and sisters in these riparian nations. It is only interested in equitable use of the waters of the Blue Nile that supplies 86 percent of the waters of the Mighty River Nile. Ethiopia uses zero percent of the Nile. Ethiopian girls and mothers haul woods on their backs while Egyptians enjoy 100 percent access to electricity.

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Further, Ethiopia loses tons and tons of fertile soils and minerals that transform Egyptian and Sudanese irrigated farmlands into prosperous ones. The Nile, a shared natural resource among 11 countries, lacks a comprehensive water allocation Agreement that we believe riparian African nations will soon resolve.

For Ethiopia, its rivers offer a life line: Light, energy, education, food security and a chance for prosperity for millions.

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