Buffalo Museum of Science exhibits ancient Egyptian artifacts

By: Mustafa Marie 

The Buffalo Museum of Science in America dedicated a dimmed room to display ancient Egyptian mummies alongside their unique coffins and gold-plated bandages.

The curators at the museum said that the mummies date back to the Greco-Roman era. They further stated that the Egyptian artifacts displayed at the museum span back to the year 332 BC.

Additionally, interactive touch screens allow visitors to view all the hidden layers of the mummifies, according to ubspectrum.c.

The cross-sectional process reveals unprecedented features of ancient remains, including the flesh and bones of unidentified Egyptian mummies that were unveiled at the exhibition.

The exhibition also includes several small rooms screening short films about Egyptian cultural practices and mythological beliefs.

For her part, Amy Pepper Coulson, director of foreign relations at the Buffalo Museum of Science, stressed the importance of the visitors’ understanding of the history and culture carried by the ancient remains, and that the museum displays unique artifacts from the Greco-Roman era that depict that era like no other.

The locals were also happy that the famous pieces had made their way to Buffalo.


Among the exhibited artifacts in Buffalo Museum of Science – ET


Read from source EgyptToday