‘Green New Deal in Africa’ on Trump’s list of foreign aid cuts

By Dave Boyer

Money for a “Green New Deal in Africa” and a solar panel project for Central Asia are among the targets for the Trump White House as it aims to slash what it sees as a bloated U.S. foreign aid budget.

The Washington Times obtained a list of some of the project cuts, or “rescissions,” that the White House is eyeing. In addition to the African climate change and Central Asian projects, officials aim to curtail funding for diversifying fuel choices in Europe, sustainable use of ocean resources, and environmental trust funds.

A senior administration official said the final package of foreign aid cuts likely will be announced next week.

“The president himself has stated that we should only be sending foreign aid to those who respect us and are our friends,” the official told The Washington Times.

“The United States should not be financially responsible for diversifying fuel choices in Europe, purchasing solar panels in Central Asia or funding the United Nations version of the Green New Deal in Africa. This administration is committed to cutting wasteful spending, which is why this rescissions package is so important and timely.”

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