Ugandans get set to celebrate their heritage in New York

Ugandans in North America under the UNAA Causes group are set to celebrate their heritage in Manhattan, US.

The event that will run from August 29 to September 2 will take place at the iconic Grand Hyatt in New York.

A statement from UNAA Causes confirmed the sell-out of all rooms at the Grand Hyatt.

This year’s festival will feature the chief executive officer of the Nabagereka Foundation, Mr Adrian Mukiibi and Dr Maria Nassali;  the vice chairperson board of governors at the foundation.

The Nabagereka Foundation partnered with UNAA Causes to support the great work of the foundation, according to UNAA Causes Chief Executive Officer, Mr David Muwanga.

“Dr  Maria Nassali, will Join us to enlighten us on the foundation’s work and how best Ugandans in North America can play a role,” Mr Muwanga said.

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