Rihanna’s Sudan posts prove she’s exactly the kind of influencer the world needs right now

By Meena Alexander

When 91 million people follow you, one post can be a catalyst for real change – and no one knows this better than Rihanna.

The Sudanese political crisis has been slipping down the news agenda in recent weeks, but the nationwide protests and military crackdowns in the country continue to rage on, with hundreds of lives lost. 

Determined to keep global attention on the atrocities, Rihanna has spoken out on social media about the plight of civilians desperate to restore democracy and put an end to the violence in Sudan.

The singer and business mogul posted pictures of Sudanese protesters, including the now iconic image of 22-year-old student Alaa Salah, with a caption stating that “they have a right to speak out and demand peace, justice and a transition to civilian rule”.


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