Ethiopian-Americans celebrate Memorial Day in Omaha

Ethiopian-Americans in metropolitan Omaha NE celebrated  Memorial Day at Elm Wood Park, with recognition of  the  legacy of Ethiopian and American veterans who served  America and their native Ethiopia.

During the celebration,  the community and  spiritual leaders motivated the participants to remember their  nation Ethiopia and their new home, USA, who  both contributed to peace  in  the world by sending  troops during World War II, UN  peace missions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Congo, Korea, Rwanda and Somalia.

A message  was sent by General Taye Tilahun, 4th Ethiopian Air Force commander and the story  of another Ethiopian veteran, General Demissie Bulto was also read to the gathering.

Laura Thomas, a community activist from Omaha, a grand daughter of one of the veterans gave  a lesson on the meaning of Memorial Day .

She talked with admiration of ancient  Ethiopian cities and churches she visited, and the the food and the culture of the country.

The two  church leaders from the Ethiopian  Orthodox Church presented a historical message  and advice for the community   based on the history of Ethiopia from the time of  Queen of Sheba and reminded the young generation to keep up that great heritage  for caring each themselves and others.

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