Kenyan rapper, King Kaka, gets a moment of recognition as ‘Dundaing’ Song Plays at NBA match


Celebrated Kenyan rapper King Kaka on Wednesdaygot a moment in the spotlight after his song got played at American Airlines Center, Dallas, USA.

The musician was attending an NBA match between Dallas Mavericks and Sacramento Kings when his song ‘Dundaing’ featuring Kristoff and Magix Enga started playing in the arena.

In a video shared on social media, an elated Kaka stood up and recorded the moment in the heavily packed stadium.
The climax of his attendance was when the live camera’s at the stadium projected the rapper on the stadium’s screens as the “Moment Of The Match”.

“Nilikuwa nakula my Burrgerrrr (sic) pole pole (I was eating my burger without a hurry) during the Dallas Mavericks game and Dundaing starts to play. Maximum respect to Poizon Ivy the DJ for putting Kenyan music on the map,” KIng Kaka tweeted.

A twitter handle @of_sheng questioned Kaka’s presence at the match “Budah wewe pekee yako ndio una rada tune… acha kujisahau rudi area (Man, you are the only person in the stadium who seems conversant with the song. Don’t forget who you are. Come back to Kenya)”.

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