Kenyans Rank First Among African Immigrants Serving in the US Military

Kenyan immigrants have been ranked first among African immigrants in the United States who are currently serving in the US military.

Latest data from the US Census Bureau shows that 0.4 percent of Kenyans in the US are serving in the army.

Ghanaians in the US come second with 0.3 percent serving in the armed forces.

The data shows that 0.1 percent of Nigerians and South Africans in America serve in the military.

While immigrants with Green Cards are eligible for recruitment to the US military, they cannot be assigned roles that need special security clearance.

These duties include intelligence, nuclear power as well as special operations.

More than 24,000 immigrants, including non-citizens and naturalized citizens, were serving on active duty in the US military in 2012, a report by the Department of Defense showed.

The process of acquiring citizenship for immigrants who join the US military and are in active duty status is faster. Equally, the process of bringing their spouses to the US is also easier, and faster.

The US Census Bureau estimates that there are currently about 140,000 Kenyans who are legally living in America.

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