Interview With Nigerian-Canadian Artist Stanley

By Jonathan Engel | Epic Music 

Transporting the listener on a wonderfully picturesque story of love, betrayal, and all the human spectrum of feelings, Stanley’s new album Resurrection sees the artist generously pour his emotionality while singing magnificently over a graceful pop, r&b, EDM and Afro music sonic fusion. We’ve had the chance to chat with him about his new album, what it represents for him, as well as his career and upcoming projects. 

Hi Stanley, congratulations on the release of your new album Resurrection!

Tell us more about the meaning behind this new project and what it represents for you. What inspired you to record this LP and why did you choose this title?

Thanks for the opportunity, my new project is called “Resurrection”. I made this project at a very dark time in my life. At the start of the pandemic a lot of things changed for me and were not for the better. When I thought it was not going to get worse it did. I also lost my job and that also affected my ability to make more music. Being jobless at a time of a world lockdown was not really the best feeling. Also the fact that it affected how I made music and the inspiration was gone. I tried so many things but they did not work, and I got to a serious state of depression. I knew I had to get back into music, I will say it was one of the worst if not the worst time of my life. I was at my lowest of lows and I considered that period as the time I died. I knew I had to make music that will give me life and also my listeners life and hope hence why I named it “Resurrection”. The inspiration for this project was the hope to get to a better place in my life with an almost that gives life.

What is your favorite song from the album and why?

I will not say I have a favorite song, but I had so much fun making Twisted because it was very personal to me.

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What were the obstacles encountered while recording this album?

I think my biggest obstacle was myself, I try to be perfect, but perfection is something we will always have to chase.

What drove you to envision a career as an artist?

I think what really drove me into becoming a full time artist is because music comes easy for me, I get more luck and grace when I’m in the business if that makes sense.

How would you describe your own blend between pop, r&b, EDM and Afro music?

I blend between genres of music because I understand music is a means of communication and you can communicate in so many ways, why limit yourself to just one? Also Iʼm influenced by many things, Iʼm a Nigerian Canadian I have influence from home (Nigeria) and also have influence from Canada too. I will only limit myself if I settle for one genre of music.

What is your most memorable moment as an artist?

My most memorable moments as an artist was when I made the song “show me” from my last ep “Late Bloomer” and I was insecure about the song. It was the first time making a pop song ,I was always making melodic rap before that, and I wanted to try something new. The song “show me” was made and I kept the song from my friend because I thought it was not good enough. One day I accidentally played it in my friends car and they were excited, they told me to play it two more times and told me I must release it in my upcoming albums , and it was one of my most loved songs I made till this new album, good times.

What artists have influenced you the most?

I canʼt say a specific artist influenced me because I get different inspiration from different artists, but my favorite artist of all time is Michael Jackson.

What’s next for Stanley?

More great music and it is only going to get better from here, thanks so much.

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