Nigerian American owned US-based Investment Company joins efforts to provide meals to 600,000 Nigerians

BY Gauranty Investment Company, Inc. | EIN Presswire

Riverside CA… Guaranty Investment Company, Inc. made history by becoming the very first organization to support and sponsor the initiatives between Nigerian American Public Affairs Foundation (NAPAC Foundation) and Sweet Sensations Confectionery Ltd., to feed Nigerians through the Sweet Sensation Food Security Initiative (SS-FOSI). The goal of NAPAC and SSFOSI is to feed 600,000 Nigerians this coming holidays.

This food security initiative is NAPAC Foundation’s response to hunger in Nigeria. Guaranty Investment Company, Inc. has taken leadership by being the first Nigerian American owned company to donate towards this humanitarian cause as part of its corporate social responsibility – thanks to the philanthropy of its president, Mr. Toyin Dawodu.


According to Mr. Toyin Dawodu, “there is so much suffering in the World right now. Nigeria having been dubbed the “poverty capital of the world” is especially vulnerable given the COVID-19 pandemic, so this initiative developed by NAPAC Foundation and SS-FOSI is an idea whose time has come says Mr. Dawodu, who is also a patron of the organization. “I am committed to helping NAPAC Foundation address the issue of food security in Nigeria by financially supporting its goal to feed as many as 600,000 people this coming holiday season.


The idea of providing high quality meals to poor Nigerians was borne out of NAPAC Foundation leadership’s realization of their dual role of giving back to the land of their birth, and to help their community both here in the USA and Nigeria. Mr. Taye Doherty, the Chair of NAPAC Foundation says “we cannot just focus our efforts only in the US while our people go hungry in Nigeria”. “Our ultimate goal is to have the same impact as The American Red Cross to alleviate human sufferings on impoverished families across Nigeria”.

NAPAC Foundation is very grateful for the generous donations and support of Mr. Dawodu and Guaranty Investment Company of Riverside, California.
About NAPAC: NAPAC Foundation was founded in 2013 as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, California. It is the resource trustee for NAPAC USA and our vision is to be the center-point of Nigerian American progress in the United States.

About Sweet Sensation: Sweet Sensation Confectionery Limited, incorporated in 1994 is one of the leading brands in Quick Service Restaurant services in the food sector in Nigeria, and pioneered the incorporation of local meals into the menus of Nigerian restaurants.

About Guaranty Investment Company, Inc.: Guaranty Investment Company, Inc. is a Real Estate investment and Development Company located in Southern California. Over the last twenty five years, Guaranty Investment Company, through its various subsidiaries, including Capital Investment Group, has been a strong supporter of organizations, such as the NAACP annual Freedom Fund, Black Voice Foundation, and Juneteenth annual celebrations.

In addition to its charitable donations, Guaranty Investment Company, Inc., also specializes in providing investment opportunities for those looking to get a better return on their money than bank rates and provides affordable homes in Southern California with specific emphasis in the Inland Empire of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

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