A Tribute to a Legend the Late President of Ghana, Jerry John Rawlings

By Fisher Jack | Euroweb

In 1994, Elizabeth, Sia, Sia, Yaba, of the Yaba TV Show had very rare one-on-one interview with the former President of Ghana, Jerry John Rawlings. Her most pressing question was about dual citizenship, “Will African-Americans who return to the Ghana” have the possibility of dual citizenship. His response was “I don’t see why dual citizenship would be denied to African-Americans who want to integrate with their roots.”

JJ Rawlings was born on June 22, 1947 in Accra, Ghana.  He was a highly respected military officer and politician who has contributed largely to the return of Ghana’s national pride which the current President echoes to the family. His first daughter remembers him as a man who live a normal and private life.  She said her father choice for the family to live outside the castle to experience a life filled with love, justice and compassion for others.


The following year, in 1995 JJ Rawlings made a visit to Los Angeles, California. There was a  dinner held for him at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills where the late superstar Michael Jackson, late Isaac Hayes, the legendary Stevie Wonder and many others came to honor him. Four years later in 1999, the former late President returned to the U.S, this time to Washington DC for the passing of the Right of Abode Law.  Seven years stood between the initial thoughts of dual citizenship and the final passing of Law in 2001.

Please see the video clip interview with JJ Rawlings here: www.yabamedia.com


The President who fought for justice, peace and equality also served as the Chairman of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).  JJ Rawlings laid this foundation upon which others have built upon to provide the very needed human capital, investments potentials and international foreign revenues to Ghana.  During an American Returnee Celebration, President Addo of Ghana stated that “the return of the African Diasporas’ is economically pragmatic for Ghana.”

He is survived by his wife, four children, grandchildren and, especially African-Americans, who share in the Motherland inheritance.  It will continue to be written in gold the legacy he laid and the restoration of the land of Ghana and Africa as a continent. Just as President Addo, stated in his message to the response of his recent death on November 12, 2020, ” A great tree has fallen, and Ghana is poorer for this loss”. Good night JJ Rawlings.

Sia Sia’s cherished interview is just one example of bridging the gap between Africans and African-Americans.  Today, Sia-Sia continues her mission with the Yaba Radio Show on KJLH Radio 102.3 FM every Sunday at 6pm LIVE.

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