Atandwa Kani | South African actor complains on being racially profiled in America

By Kyle Zeeman | Times

South African-born actor Atandwa Kani has once again spoken out on racism in America, recounting an incident where he believes he was racially profiled. The star, who is now based in America, took to Instagram to recount how he had stepped out of his apartment onto the road when a white couple saw him and immediately crossed the street.

“They are walking towards me and they decide to cross the street as soon as they see me. I thought it was a Covid-19 thing, so I got my mask, but it wasn’t that. They just walk across the street.

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He said he asked another person on the street if they had seen it and they said they did but what could he could about it.

“So this is what it has come to? Wow,” Atandwa said, getting slightly emotional.

Atandwa slammed the behaviour in what he called “the Divided States of White America” and said he was shocked.

The star penned an open letter to racist white people last month, sharing his anger at the brutality that people of colour have been subjected to in recent weeks.


“Dear white people: F*** your discomfort! F*** you and your entitlement (whether you understand it or not) … F*** all of you who fight to be the owners of any land: you rogue, homeless, evil, inhuman, useless pieces of spiteful a**h****. Take offense! I dare you satan!” he tweeted.

He warned that the lack of a desire for revenge by those who were being targeted, was slowly changing.

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