Jesse Iwuji: Nigerian-American NASCAR Driver condemns attacks on Bubba Wallace

By Ebimo Amungo

Jesse Iwuji, the Nigerian-American US Naval Officer who is one of two black drivers in the top 3 tier of NASCAR has condemned the racial attack on fellow driver Bubba Wallace, describing it as “sickening”.

A noose was found at garage stall of Bubba Wallace after he had led a successful campaign to stop the flying of the Confederate Flag at NASCAR race venues.

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Jesse Iwuji is a US Naval Reserves Officer. He was the first active duty US Naval Officer to compete in NASCAR. He later founded The Red List Group which is an auto racing event company bringing drag racers together around the United States to compete for trophies and cash prizes at track events. The Red List Group also owns and runs JBJE Transportation, a trucking and logistics company based in Southern California. 

Jesse wrote in a LinkedIn post;

“I’m sure many of you saw the sad news last night. A NOOSE was found in the garage stall of Bubba Wallace, the only other African American driver in the national series of NASCAR .”

He went further to add;

“Bubba and I are the only two African Americans racing in the top 3 series of NASCAR, and over the last few weeks and really years NASCAR has made great strides trying to make the sport more inclusive. The noose was sickening, and an investigation is under way by the FBI. Even when everything came out, there were still people who were commenting all over social media saying that it was fake, that it was staged, and that racism DOES NOT exist.”

Jesse Iwuji, who is the son of Nigerian immigrants and a highly regarded Keynote and Motivational Speaker, then announced that he had also been a victim of racism as he was attacked in an Instangram post by someone called nascarcoronavirus.

“For those who don’t believe that racism exists, just look at this post that was posted about me a few weeks ago on Instagram.”

“Everyone please understand that there are immoral people in this world, and we all need to unite as one, expose them, and let the proper avenues handle them. Don’t let the world divide us, because divided we will fall, but united we RISE.” Jesse said.