Dying Canadian Begs his government to Let Kenyan Wife Visit Him in Canada

By EDDY MWANZA | Kenyans.co.ke

Patrick Kinsella, a retired youth services manager with the Ontario government, Canada, on June 8, issued a dying plea to his government to have his Kenyan wife, Mary Otieno Atieno, visit him before he passes on. Speaking to the media, Kinsella, who has had seven heart attacks since 2011 due to a hereditary heart condition, expressed his hopes that the immigration officials would grant his wife, and his 10-year-old stepson, Ramsey Dickson, 10, temporary residence visas to spend his remaining time with him in Canada.

“I do not expect to see September. I will go any day. My concern is I will never see my wife and (step) son again. Our marriage is based on love, and I love her with all my heart.” he lamented. 

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His medical condition has pushed him to go as far as arranging his own funeral.

“I had to pre-arrange my funeral, as no father leaves such to his children. Choosing my own casket at the funeral home was a very surreal experience. 

“I recently completed my will and paid off my gravesite at St. Agatha cemetery,” he explained.

According to his doctor, David Mee, Kinsella’s latest heart scan showed that it is currently functioning at just 25%, further revealing that he is on more than nine medications.

“Unfortunately, his disease continues to progress despite his medical management,” 

“His most recent scan (showed) a very poorly functioning heart. I have discussed with Pat his eventual mortality from his heart disease,” Dr Mee revealed

Patrick Kinsella, his wife Mary Atieno and stepson Ramsey Dickson enjoy some quality time in a swimming pool.
Patrick Kinsella, his wife Mary Atieno and stepson Ramsey Dickson enjoy some quality time in a swimming pool.FACEBOOK

The ailing Canadian met his love after exchanging lengthy messages via email and instantly. He later travelled to Nairobi in December 2018 where the two shared quality time. 

“It was love at first sight in our relationship,” he recalled.

On her part, Mary had nothing but glowing remarks on the man she had fallen in love with.

“Pat is a great and special man to me. A man with a rare personality. I found a husband in him and a father to my son. He is loving, caring and selfless. His passion for helping the less privileged anywhere in the world says it all,” she remarked.

Patrick Kinsella and his wife Mary Atieno.
Patrick Kinsella and his wife Mary Atieno.FILE

The couple tied the knot in September 2019 and were supposed to embark on their new journey between Canada, Kenya and Ireland, where Kinsella was born and grew up, which is why they never bothered to file for spousal sponsorship to get Mary a permanent residency in Canada.

His most recent visit to Kenya was in March 2020, but his stay was shortlived as he was forced to fly back to Canada as he was unable to find 3 medications he needed to keep him alive.

The Canadian governement closed its borders on March 16, due to the global pandemic, but foreign family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents are exempt if their travels are considered essential and nondiscretionary.

“At this point, we are closing our borders to all non-Canadian and non-permanent residents of Canada,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced at the time.

Ottawa has denied Mary’s application twice before -June and November 2019, when she wanted to travel with him to Canada for his treatment because officials feared she would not leave at the end of her visit.

“I worry that Canada might deny us the visas the third time now despite my husband’s health situation. I fear that the worst might happen, and I will not be there,” a sombre Mary stated.

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, seen here in Ottawa on October 23, 2019.
Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, seen here in Ottawa on October 23, 2019.ADRIAN WYLD/THE CANADIAN PRESS

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