Nmamdi Moweta: Meet the Host of Radio Afrodicia in Los Angeles

By Radio Afrodicia

Nnamdi Moweta is the host of Radio Afrodicia, a weekly on-air radio program dedicated to promoting African and African-influenced music. Originally from Nigeria, Moweta came to the US over twenty years ago. After studying at the San Francisco Art Institute, he quickly established himself as an influential DJ, music supervisor, consultant, manager, and promoter.

Nnamdi Moweta is committed to showcasing the best of African and African-influenced music and currently hosts the long-running radio show Radio Afrodicia, which features a large variety of contemporary musicians.  

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From Fela Kuti to Nneka, Nnamdi has interviewed renowned international artists past and present. Always on the forefront of the African music scene, Nnamdi continues to promote and support local endeavors that strive to educate the public about African culture and music. 

Nnamdi has always had his hand on the pulse of African music; he managed Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe, Nigerian performer known for reinventing highlife music, and Nnamdi lent his talents to the 2009 film40, as the music supervisor. 

In 1982, before turning his sights to music supervision, Nnamdi scored as a boxing manager. Later he combined his passions and in 2008 worked as the music supervisor for the winner of eight international film festival awards, Kassim the Dream. The compelling documentary is about Kassim Ouma, Ugandan child soldier turned World Boxing Champion.  More recently, in 2011, Nnamdi interviewed boxing great Samuel Peter, and trainer Freddie Roach along with others for Africa Channel’s sports documentary, Boxing Before the Bell.

Moweta is also an interviewer/commentator for several international news programs, including BBC Africa’s sports show, Fast Track, The Voice of America’s African sports show, and Network Africa, a BBC morning show that discusses current trends in African music. Additionally, Moweta covers Hollywood news for the BBC evening program Africa World.

About Radio Afrodicia

Radio Afrodicia is a weekly on-air radio program dedicated to promoting African and African-influenced music. For close to twenty years, Radio Afrodicia has been the most authoritative showcase of African music there is in Los Angeles. 

With a strong following, Radio Afrodicia is one of the few Los Angeles-based radio shows that has made an indelible mark on the face of African music.

Radio Afrodicia is a diverse program not only musically by offering the range of music that spans the African Diaspora (including the Africa continent, the Caribbean, Europe, and the U.S.), but also by having a range of guests on the show who bring with them different worldviews and different cultural experiences.

The inclusion of music from across the African Diaspora makes  the station unique. The music is a blend of: Afro-beat,  Afro-Pop, Bachata, Champeta Criolla, Soukous, Hi Life, Jazz, Merengue, Algerian, Ethiopian, Ghananian, Nigerian, South African, Sudanese, and Tunisian hip hop, Palos,  Rumba (Congolese and Cuban), Salsa (African and Latin American), Samba, and Soca.

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