Canadian foundation appoints Nigerian journalist BOD member

A Nigerian journalist, Chief Femi Shodunke, has joined the Board of Directors (BOD) of a Canada based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Life of Hope Foundation.

The appointment of Shodunke, a one-time Deputy Editor of the Nigerian Compass newspaper on Sunday who is now based in Canada, was announced in a letter signed by the Foundation’s Founder/Chief Executive Officer, Anike Stella Onile.

The Foundation explained that the confirmation of Shodunke, who is also the Publisher of GatewayMail newspaper in Canada, was informed by his enviable track record of excellence in journalism and social pedigree as a community leader, particularly on his shared vision to help the underprivileged ones, especially children.

“I am pleased to confirm your appointment as a Board Member of Life of Hope Foundation, effective July 24, 2019,” the Foundation said in letter dated July 25, 2019 and signed by Onile, adding: “The appointment is for a term of renewable three years ending on July 31, 2022.”

The Foundation stressed: “All Directors are required to actively contribute to the work of our Board Committees, established to assist the Board in the oversight and control of the organization.”

It added: “Directors are also expected to participate in any strategic planning sessions, Life of Hope Annual General Meeting and any Briefings, together with the occasional Life of Hope function during the course of the year.

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