Mass Royal Traditional African Wedding for African-Americans Denied Marriage During Slavery

In their first 250 years in America, Africans were not allowed to get married. A commemorative Royal Return Wedding 400: a traditional African wedding is being organised by Royal Return Ghana. The Premiere Mass Royal Traditional African Wedding Launch is to be held at First Africans Landing Site in Hampton, Virginia on August 24, 2019 during the city’s 400 Years Commemoration of African American History.

“Virginia is truly for lovers! Hampton, Virginia, is gearing up for the unique and historically significant Royal Return Wedding 400: a traditional African wedding to be held on August 24, 2019, during the city’s 400 Years Commemoration of African American History, scheduled for August 23-25, 2019. 

The 400 Years Commemoration in Hampton, Virginia will mark 400 years since the first “20 and odd” slaves landed in Point Comfort, (now Fort Monroe), in Hampton, Virginia, in 1619. 

“The Royal Return Wedding 400 launch is a commemorative mass Royal African wedding ceremony, being held by the Nekotech Center for Peace and Reconciliation of Ghana. In honor of our African ancestors who were not allowed to marry during their first 250 years in America,” said Rev Samford Brown, Founder of Jehovah Shalom International Ministries and Spiritual Co-Chair of Royal Return US-Ghana.

“I was heartbroken to learn that on top of all the pain our ancestors suffered during slavery, they were denied even the opportunity to love each other and to marry for the first 250 years!” said H.E. Rev. Dr. A. K. Princess Ocansey, founder of Royal Return US-Ghana. 

In the midst of all the sadness of the commemoration of the atrocities of slavery, what better place to celebrate love than in Virginia? The “Virginia is for lovers” slogan and the Royal Return Wedding 400 theme – “It’s all about Love” will ring sweetly together on the global stage on August 24, 2019, in Hampton.

“This is so exciting! We don’t know what to expect! ” said Rev. Dr. Charlotte Phillips, Founder of Glory Center Ministries international and spiritual prayer teams Co-Chair for Royal Return. “We thank God our ancestors had unquenchable love- otherwise, we would literally not be here!” she said.

The project tells the stories of the unstoppable spirit of true love, in the midst of the storms of slavery, while sharing Africa’s beautiful wedding ceremonies with joyfully colorful Royal robes, music, and dances. 

The project is now open – until June 30th – to all African Americans and their families to come out in their numbers and participate to renew their vows or to have a taste of a Royal African Traditional Wedding and join to become a member of Royal Return.

One of the key privileges of being a Royal Return member is to be adopted into an African Royal Family and to receive your new officially certified royal African name. This can be done virtually or physically in Ghana.

Other Royal Return events during the 400 Year Commemoration in Virginia include: “Breakfast with a Billionaire” on August 23, featuring one of the two US Hotel Mogul Billionaire brothers, Mr. Michael V Roberts, the best selling author of “Action Has No Season.”

There will also be a “Millennials Millionaire Masterclass” to reprogram the next generation to prepare for a future of sustainable wealth. 

Royal Return is also working with several chambers of commerce in Ghana and other African countries to train and package their vendors’ goods for the international exhibition in Hampton. 

The Royal Return Cultural Dance Troupe will provide a three-day African drumming and dancing training workshop (August 21-23) and an African storytelling, music and dance night under the moon and stars on August 23, the first official day of the commemoration events in the city of Hampton, VA.

“We are pleased to have these great Royal Return Ghana programs as part of our commemoration events line up in Hampton,” said Mayor Donnie Tuck, Mayor of Hampton. “Royal Return has already held a beautiful weekend event during the African Union weekend in May, here in Hampton, planting seeds of peace and reconciliation with a beautiful prayer service by Her Excellency Rev. Dr. Ocansey. It is a pleasure to work with them again, especially for the Royal Return Wedding 400 and Billionaire programs, which will help enrich our commemorative events,” said the Mayor of Hampton.

Ghana’s Minister for Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Hon. Barbara Oteng Gyasi has confirmed attendance to speak on Ghana’s ”Year of Return” activities launched by His Excellency President Nana Akufo- Addo of Ghana on September 28, 2018, as well as Mrs. Nadia Adongo Musah, Diaspora Affairs, Office of the President of Ghana- who will hold a seminar on Ghana’s popular “Right of Abode” program which invites African Americans to make Ghana a second home – with an indefinite stay status. 

The Royal Return USA-Ghana is in partnership with the Diaspora Affairs, Office of the President of Ghana, the Diaspora African Forum, The Ghana Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, Jehovah Shalom International Ministries – USA, Glory Center Ministries International-USA, SOS Global Investments, Treasures of Eden, Mardee Ashanti Videos and World Bookings, USA. 

The Nekotech Center is a multiple award-winning globally recognized Center of Excellence co-founded by the late US Celebrity Mr. Isaac Hayes, who undertook the first Royal Return mission to Ghana in December 1992 and was “enstooled and gazetted” (crowned and legally established) as Nene Katey Ocansey, Chief for Development of the Ada Traditional Area of Ada, and H.E. Rev. Dr. A.K. Ocansey of Ada, Ghana – a princess from the Ocansey Royal Family of Ada, professional Engineer, world-renowned founder of the Royal Return Initiative, and an expert member of the African Union Migration Advisory Board.

She is also the author of “Breaking the Spell of No Return” a moving documentary series on the traumatic impact of slavery on her life personally, and the importance of making the Royal Return to Ghana and other African countries.

At the end of the day, it is all about Love! So, if you believe in love against all odds, then, see you in Hampton, Virginia – August 23-25, 2019 for a once in every 400 years’ experience of a lifetime in the land of love, Virginia!

For more information or to register as a member of Royal Return or for the August 24th launch of the Royal Return Wedding 400 ceremony in Virginia, please send an email to

Victoria Brown
Royal Return Ghana
+1 240-501-0533
email us here

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